Home sport The arrival of the new Nissan Qashqai to the Italian news agency

The arrival of the new Nissan Qashqai to the Italian news agency

The arrival of the new Nissan Qashqai to the Italian news agency

The all-new Nissan Qashqai

ROME (ITALPRESS) – Nissan has cemented its leading position in the crossover segment in Europe by introducing the third generation of the new Qashqai. Since Nissan created this sector in 2007, more than 3 million Qashqai have been sold in Europe.
For the third generation, Nissan has preserved the principles that guided the design and development of the previous two generations: elegant design, rich technological equipment and efficient engines, all combined with a high build quality and driving experience exemplary for its upper segments.
As with its predecessors, the third generation Qashqai was also designed by the Nissan Design Europe team in London, while its engineering was assigned to the Nissan Technical Center Europe in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK.
“The starting point for the design and development of the new Qashqai was the in-depth analysis of the relationships that we have built with our Qashqai customers over the past 13 years.” Marco Feravanti, vice president of product planning at Nissan Europe, said, “This allowed us to understand their needs and in particular learn more about What they appreciate about the crossovers that they use on a daily basis. “
The new Qashqai features a sharper beltline and a more powerful presence, thanks in part to the new 20-inch alloy wheels that were introduced on this car for the first time. The wheelbase is 20 mm long, and the overall length increases by 35 mm. It also increases height (+ 25 mm) and width (+ 32 mm). Therefore, it largely retains its external dimensions, a feature that contributed to the success of previous generations.
(ITALPRESS) – (continued).
The headlights of the new Qashqai were improved thanks to the use of LED technology, which also resulted in a thinner, clearer design. A teardrop-tone gradient lens is attached to the rear lights to create a 3D lighting effect. For the first time in the European Nissan model, LED turn signals for the high-end versions.
The new Qashqai shape is more dynamic, with a single line drawing the front, connecting the front and the rear, then connecting to the wheel arches.
The new Qashqai will be available in 11 exterior colors with five bi-color combinations, for 16 different types for customers to choose from.
Connected, comfortable and welcoming, the new Qashqai interior sets new standards in the segment for premium feel, stylish design and enhanced usability. The new Qashqai features an advanced infotainment system with a range of connectivity services including integration with smartphones, Wi-Fi for the car to connect up to Seven NissanConnect Devices and Services, the app for managing and monitoring the vehicle.
Nissan Connect has a new, high-resolution 9-inch screen through which all navigation, entertainment and setup functions can be accessed, and it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the latter is also available wirelessly.
Nissan aims to achieve 50% of total electric vehicle sales in Europe by fiscal year 2023. The new Qashqai will contribute to achieving this goal, which will be available with a 1.3DGT petrol engine with mild hybrid technology and an innovative and exclusive e-POWER system, for the first time in Europe.
The new Nissan Qashqai offers multiple configurations to suit the different needs of customers, who can choose, in addition to the two different engines, between two or four wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission or a new Xtronic.
The moderate 12-volt hybrid system in the new Qashqai is an affordable hybrid technology that makes it competitive in terms of power, torque, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, all while increasing the total vehicle weight by only 22kg.
Energy recovered during idling (regenerative braking) is stored in a lithium-ion battery and then used to improve the motor’s torque delivery (torque assist) during rapid restart. This energy is also used while driving in versions with Xtronic, where the thermal engine is switched off at speeds below 18 km / h and the brake pedal is depressed, and the stored energy is used to power the vehicle’s electrical system. This allows to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
The mild hybrid system is mated to the 1.3 DiG-T turbo petrol engine, which was introduced in Qashqai in 2018, and today it has been further improved with the introduction of 50 newly designed components and full compliance with Euro 6D emissions standards.
The turbocharger is now equipped with an electronically controlled jet valve for faster response times; New nozzles that improve injection; Reducing the friction of various components and the particulate filter with a new base layer helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
This engine is available in two power levels of 140 and 158 hp, along with a 6-speed manual transmission or the new Xtronic gearbox (only for the 158 hp versions). Maximum power is provided at 5,500 rpm, while a maximum torque of 270 Nm is already available at 1,750 rpm on the 158 hp variants with the manual or Xtronic gearbox.
The two-wheel drive is available in both versions 140 and 158 HP, while four-wheel drive is only available on models with 158 HP Xtronic. The new all-wheel drive control system is able to adapt to external conditions and driving style, just select one of the five available modes: Standard, ECO, Sport, Snow and Off-Road. If one of the wheels slipped, the four-wheel drive’s response time was reduced by five times and now is about 0.2 seconds, in favor of handling and safety.
The new Qashqai also marks the European emergence of the innovative e-POWER drive system, an exclusive technology from Nissan, a key component of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and a new approach to electric mobility.
The new Qashqai e-POWER system consists of a high-capacity battery, a 157 hp petrol engine with a variable compression ratio, a generator, an inverter and a 140 kW electric motor of the same size and power as those of the Nissan Group electric vehicles.
The new Qashqai is the first model in Europe to use the alliance’s CMF-C platform, which represents the state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure in the automotive sector.
The third-generation Qashqai is equipped with the new ProPILOT system, which assists the driver in an increasing number of situations. The system, called “ProPILOT with Navi-link”, is designed to reduce fatigue and fatigue for those behind the wheel thanks to a very user-friendly interface (only available with the Xtronic gearbox).
The new Qashqai will change what customers expect from a family car. Comfort, refinement and technology will be comparable to that of higher-end vehicles, while the driving experience will please drivers and passengers. With Nissan’s e-POWER technology, we believe customers will fall in love with the feeling of an electric powertrain, without range issues, ”said Gianluca de Veche, Head of Nissan AMIEO, Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania.

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