The application allows you to test the adaptive players of Dualsense at will –

    The application allows you to test the adaptive players of Dualsense at will -

    PS5 controller player test it’s new Implementation For iPhone and iPad allowing file owners DualSense, PS5 console, to customize and experiment with different configurations of adaptive console players.

    As you surely know, Sony’s next generation console has many unique features, such as i adaptive stimuli, is characterized by a rheostat, that is, it becomes easier or more difficult to squeeze it, depending on the parameters set by the developers, thus providing unique feedback.

    While some games take advantage of this unique Dualsense feature, there is currently no way to manually test the adaptive triggers on the PS5. Hence the idea to test the PS5 controller player.

    Once you connect Dualsense to your iPhone or iPad, the app allows you to test at will Various custom settings for the PS5 console’s adaptive triggers and more, thanks to a fairly simple and practical interface, an example of which you will see in the image below. For example, you can change the intensity of the triggers vibration or increase the weight required to fully press L2 and R2, with separate settings for each key.

    Screenshot of the PS5 Controller Trigger Test app
    Screenshot of the PS5 Controller Trigger Test app

    This app is obviously intended for “geeks” and is designed to satisfy the curiosity of some gamers, who may want to know how far they can push the PS5 console, or for those who want to run the tests manually to assess the possible presence of Dualsense malfunctions in adaptive stimuli. In fact, the parameters that are set in the application cannot be saved and then actually used in games.

    “I’ve always wanted to test and play around with the different playback effects of Dualsense,” says app developer Rehab Mahboub. “But there aren’t a lot of games that take advantage of it and when you do, there’s no way to customize that feature.”

    PS5 Controller Trigger Test app available in versionApp Store for iOS and Android with OS 14.5 or higher for $1.99, which is practically the cost of coffee. There are currently no plans for an Android release, but Mahboob told IGN that he’d like to learn programming for that platform as well.

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