The Apple Pencil will no longer be what we know it: here it is, the new exclusive version that will do it all

    The Apple Pencil will no longer be what we know it: here it is, the new exclusive version that will do it all
    New Apple Pencil functionality –

    Anyone who owns an iPad knows how important the help of the Apple Pencil is, not only for work or study, but also for drawing and more creative activities.

    As much as companies try to make this tool perfect and as similar as possible to traditional pencils or pens, the structure, precision and feel are always lacking something that makes the experience real.

    with the Apple Pencil Conveniently type, select, drag and activate iPad shortcuts, to improve the feel, even Apple has thought of an incredibly sophisticated function called hover mode which will be possible Font preview Even before planning it.

    Thanks to Hover Mode, you’ll be able to clearly see where you’re going to draw a line simply by lifting your Apple Pencil slightly off the screen, and the distance needed to visually create a preview between 2 mm to 12 mm. Devices that will support this novelty are iPad Pro And in general all iPads with chips m 2.

    The power of the chip of the latest generation of devices allows the iPad to accurately calculate the position and inclination of the stylus as it approaches the screen, studying and giving away information as well. Pen usage habits by users, thus creating a reliable preview.

    Hover mode, a new way to use the Apple Pencil

    The studies, tests, and improvements that were carried out during the production of this amazing update have been extensively described by Apple insiders, here is what was announced while announcing Hover Mode: “The iPad is, first and foremost, a device touch first. When you add multiple accessories, a keyboard or trackpad, Unlock more features. The Pencil adds something incredible to the user experience. The new Hover Mode provides a new way to think about the Pencil and the iPad.”

    How does hover mode work – (Source: freepik)

    Thanks to the advances in technology, the Apple Pencil is even able to communicate with the iPadThe angle at which it is placed on the screen. This process is evident in drawing apps, such as Procreate, where the brush follows exactly the slant at which the Apple Pencil is held.

    We wanted the new hover mode to be easy to retrofit, so we used existing APIs that we used in the Magic Keyboard Trackpad. For developers who have already adopted pointer interaction in their apps’ user interface, the new Apple Pencil Hover Mode will be Already enabled“.

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