The Apple car will have a revolutionary screen the size of the entire dashboard. What we know so far –

    The Apple car will have a revolutionary screen the size of the entire dashboard.  What we know so far –

    The electric car is one of the most anticipated cars of the coming years and a recent patent seems to herald an innovative full-screen dashboard with selective display.

    It’s easy to imagine The car made by Apple, which has already been announced and postponed several times, will be full of technology. The latest news indicated that the year 2026 is the date of the launch of this highly anticipated car, but in the meantime sStray information has been leaked about a mysterious patent filed in the US that relates to the screenan area where Apple hits home thanks to the touchscreen technology introduced by the first iPhone.

    One screen, different pictures

    The patent doesn’t specifically mention the compounds, but Apple does It can also be used for navigation screensSo, indirectly, on transportation. The basic idea is un Huge screens, such as the entire dashboard, are able to show different content to passengers based on where they are seatedthe. The so-called “display with directional backlight in time sequence”, this is the designation registered and will therefore allow the driver View navigation information while the passenger is watching a movie or a youtube clip, without these images being visible to those behind the wheel and thus preventing their attention. The idea is therefore to give all passengers access to the entertainment functions on the go From the driver’s seat, the screen appears blank or contains only the required information related to the vehicle.

    From smartphones to cars

    Apple claims that the technology behind this system is backlight technology, with An advanced control system that, based on screen angles and polarization, allows you to view different contents simultaneously on a single screen. It can be assumed that this technology was born as Smartphone security systemwhere the images on the screen can only be seen by the user and not by the people close to him, but the application in the automotive sector, although the word “car” is never mentioned (for obvious discretionary reasons) appears as a natural progression.

    April 24, 2023, 2:38 PM – Updated April 24, 2023, 2:39 PM

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