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The answer is expected on January 29. Ready from mid-February 8 million doses for Italy

  The answer is expected on January 29.  Ready from mid-February 8 million doses for Italy
AstraZeneca Vaccine, It's Up to Ema: The Expected Answer Jan.29.  Ready from mid-February 8 million doses for Italy

Eight million doses between February and March. This data is sufficient to illustrate the acceleration granting authorization for the vaccine AstraZeneca By Ema, the European Union’s regulatory agency. Yesterday, the Anglo-Swedish multinational company (which is producing a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in cooperation with the Italian company Irbm) officially filed an application for a conditional marketing license. The answer is expected on January 29th. It is a vaccine that has already been administered in the UK and Argentina, where Italy expects 40 million doses. It does not require such a cold chain PfizerBiotechnology thus distribution is simpler.

If there is a green light at the end of January, AstraZeneca It will send the first supplies as early as mid-February. Assumes 8 million doses by the end of March. They’ll add 8.7 million to Pfizer and Moderna (at least that was the schedule for the vaccination plan). In this way, theoretically, at the end of March, Italy would have already vaccinated more than 8 million people (Arcuri spoke wisely about 6 million people), and given that protection would have reached all health professionals, staff, RSA guests, and those over whom Their age, 80 years old, will be an encouraging result.

But in reality everything is solved AstraZeneca? During the experiment there was a mistake: a portion of the volunteers, on the first administration, only half the dose was inoculated. Ironically, this has shown more effectiveness, but since there is not enough data, the request was sent by AstraZeneca Relates only to the initial “full-dose” sequence. “Our meeting has been set for January 29th,” says Marco Cavalieri, head of IMA Vaccines. There are some assumptions on the table, such as permission for all age groups or those limited to under 55. However we are talking about a “full dose full dose” formula, whose effectiveness is expected to be 70%. less than Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna (over 90 percent), but still very good for a vaccine.

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Cavalieri explains: “If anything, we would have to carefully evaluate another ingredient: Administration gives better results if twelve weeks have passed between the first and second dose.” This is not the case for two mRnas, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, where the wait time for one dose to another is between 3 and 4 weeks. “Twelve weeks of waiting for the second administration can be a point to think about, as it is an unknown factor in a stage where the virus is highly spread.” It should also be noted that according to the data provided by AstraZeneca, the first dose will already guarantee 70 percent protection which must be combined with the second. If Ema allowed AstraZeneca only to those under 55, the entire vaccination campaign in Italy, which today is largely organized, will have to be rethought in age groups, starting with the oldest.

AstraZeneca, work fast

“As soon as the vaccine receives a positive scientific opinion, we will work very quickly to allow it to be used in Europe,” said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union Commission. The European Union is also moving on other fronts: Sputnik 5 (the Russian vaccine), which has begun a dialogue with the European Energy Agency to obtain permission; The discussion also concluded with the French company Valneva to purchase 60 million doses of vaccine that arrived in the second phase of the trial.

A joint certificate of vaccination is also being worked on in Europe, which allows those who have been vaccinated to return to travel without restrictions. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsukates has relaunched the proposal, and leaders of the 27 countries will discuss it in a video conference within a week. The new President of the Constitutional Court, Giancarlo Corragio, in an interview with the newspaper de Martido de la 7, expressed himself on another issue: “If this happens, and for any reason, the harm is done to those who agree to receive the vaccine, then there is the responsibility of the state The responsibility that translates into the obligation to compensate for the harm suffered. Not only for compulsory vaccinations, or in any case for compulsory health treatments, but also for those who are highly recommended: this is what was stated in a ruling issued by the Constitutional Court. ”Obligation is possible?“ It would be an option? Politically, priority should be given to those who are most in need of the vaccine.

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