The air fryer, the 6 forbidden foods that should not be included for any reason

    The air fryer, the 6 forbidden foods that should not be included for any reason

    In recent years, there has been a real revolution regarding the methods of being able to cook in our homes. With the invention of the air fryer, goodness that doesn’t hurt is possible. In fact, you can “fry” foods without oil. The taste is almost identical to frying, but much healthier. However, there are 6 foods that are prohibited in air fryer use. Let’s find out what they are together.

    When it comes to innovation, especially in the kitchen, we generally deal with topics of mutual interest. Especially when topics matter How to prepare or cook most foods in a healthy way. Many people, due to the hectic pace of life, have changed or modified their way of cooking food, in order to have a healthy diet. Those who suffer from certain diseases tend to avoid certain foods, or there are those who avoid eating them in a certain way, especially when we talk about frying.

    We know that when you cook something and do it in a pan, It tastes completely different, more often better. But it’s not always good for our health, so it would be ideal if we switch up the way we cook. In recent years, it has replaced a lot of fried foods, and cooked many dishes in the kitchen oven. These types of cooking today are completely different from those of the past, and this type of appliance has been improved allowing for faster but also healthier cooking.

    But nothing else depopulates, let’s talk about the air fryer, but it’s not always possible to cook all the foods we like best. Some of them should be avoided completely, let’s see what they are.

    The six forbidden foods in an air fryer

    There are 6 forbidden foods to use in our beloved air fryer. For those who don’t know it yet, the air fryer is a device that allows you to do just that Fry vegetables and foods at a very low temperature. This system is based on the use of a blowtorch, which is created by a gas compressor and a battery of electrodes (plates). The temperature can be between 100°C and 250°C, but never exceed the boiling point of water (100°C) because otherwise the liquid evaporating from the dish could burn onto the dishes.

    Air fryer: 6 forbidden foods

    Air fryer: 6 forbidden foods –

    Recently this device has been found in almost all Italian homes. A real innovation that changes the way we can cook certain foods. Healthier than fried, but also food prepared with classic food the bread. In fact, this new method allows a virtually fat-free diet. However, the food really has a taste of fried food that will obviously please young and old.

    But what are the six foods that never go in the pan?

    • Baked fish: which we often cook as a second course for dinner;
    • liquid mixture: which we generally use to make pancakes;
    • Leafy vegetables: all those with leaves (like onions, to be clear);
    • soft cheeses (such as cheddar and emmental cheese);
    • Chicken, poultry and turkey (because they may contain bacteria that can cause problems for the air fryer);
    • Apple and pear They are prohibited because they tend to “burn” easily.

    6 Air Fryer Banned Foods: Breaded fish

    The outside of the bread cooks unevenly. If we really want fried fish, we add a little sunflower or peanut oil to the fish without baking, we will make it tastier, less greasy and above all suitable for an air fryer.

    liquid mixture

    there liquid mixture It should not be used for frying, due to the risk of escaping harmful fumes and the fact that preparation must take longer. To avoid all this, the advice is to cook in small quantities and intermittently: for example, put a little oil in the frying pan and then add some batter (which must have been previously mixed with water).

    Leafy vegetables

    carbonization risk: Leafy greens are very delicate and can burn easily. To avoid this inconvenience, it is advisable to cook them in small quantities and not for long. The advice is to use other vegetables: if you don’t want to give up leafy vegetables, you can use other types such as cucumbers or zucchini that are more resistant to high temperatures and air flames.

    soft cheeses

    Not all cheeses are suitable for an air fryer. Soft cheeses, such as mozzarella and peanut butter, run the risk of flooding the pan and can cause motor damage.

    cheese with cheese

    To avoid this problem, always choose those with a firm texture, such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Gorgonzola; Also cook the potatoes in small amounts so you don’t overload the machine with too much frying at once.

    Chicken is among the six prohibited foods

    Uneven cooking riskChicken is very tender meat and tends to darken easily. While an air fryer cooks chicken evenly, other types of meat such as turkey or steak are recommended. Choose the right proportions: Cooking small portions of this delicacy may be more suitable for your diet!


    There is a very high risk of explosion if you try to cook apples in the air fryer. To avoid similar disasters, cut apples into pieces and cook them in small portions.

    The best way to use an air fryer

    An air fryer can be a great tool for preparing healthy and delicious food, but it’s important to know the limitations of this machine before using it.

    Air Fryer

    Air fryer –

    First, make sure your fryer has an automatic start timer and an emergency switch (which turns on when the desired level is reached). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the temperature and time to cook the food to avoid problems such as accidental burns.

    Never cook meat more than indicated in the user manual; If you want to make very rich dishes, you can use only half the amount indicated in the original recipes.

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