Home entertainment The 80th anniversary of the 1970s icon “Fay Dunaway”

The 80th anniversary of the 1970s icon “Fay Dunaway”

The 80th anniversary of the 1970s icon

NEW YORK, Jan 13 – Faye Dunaway is 80 years old. The icon of the seventies, during her career, the actress won an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, BAFTA and an Emmy, while in 2011 the French government awarded her the Order of Art Officer and some letters. Born January 14, 1971 in Bascom, a small town in Florida, and the daughter of a US Army soldier, Dunaway made her debut in the 1960s, when she was barely 20 years old and landed a small Broadway part on the show. night’. The jump in 1966 when wanted by Elliot Silberstein in the movie It Started For Fun with Anthony Quinn. Dunway was subsequently selected by Arthur Penn for Gangster Story (1967), based on the story of Bonnie and Clyde: As Bonnie, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. After working alongside Jane Fonda in Otto Preminger’s The Night Come and Steve McQueen in Norman Jewison’s The Thomas Crown Case, the late 1960s actress landed in Italy where she played Julia in Vittorio De Sica’s Amanti (1968). The pinnacle of her career was in the 1970s with films such as “Chinatown” by Roman Polanski (1974), as Evelyn Cross Mulwray for which she won her second Academy Award nomination, and Crystal Hill (1974), directed by John Guillermin. The Academy Award for Best Actress came with the translation of Diana Christensen in Sydney Lumet’s “Fifth Power”, a role that also earned her a Golden Globe. In 2017, Dunaway, to which Hollywood is also devoted as a star along the iconic Walk of Fame, was the hero in one of the most dramatic slips in Oscars history, when paired with Warren Beatty, he mistakenly declared La La Land the best movie. . Moonlight is the legitimate winner. In fact, it was not the fault of the bidders, but the fault of those who had the task of handing out envelopes in the names of the winners. (handle).

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