The 7 most beautiful beaches in Setubal, corners of pure beauty and the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea

    The 7 most beautiful beaches in Setubal, corners of pure beauty and the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea

    A large seaside resort surrounded by the mouth of the Sado River, the city, which is part of the Extremadura region, has a very ancient history, but today its economy is based on fishing and tourism. In this guide we will discover the 7 most beautiful beaches in Setubal, on the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal.

    The most beautiful beaches of Setubal

    The most beautiful beaches in Setubal: what are they

    Not too far from the capital Lisbon, Setubal It’s a famous one seaside resort abundance beachesAnd wonderful landscapes sea crystalline. the The most beautiful beaches of Setubal They are the ones in the Arràbida Natural Park, which is characterized by wooded and green mountains that descend completely to the sea.

    The high, jagged coastline is magical Caves A little Caribbean vibe beaches of soft golden sand, surrounded by a nature Wild. But there is no shortage of amenities and services. Some of these bays have the bathroom Bars and restaurants abound in the area.

    The most beautiful beaches of Setubal
    Credit Michael Clarke Wikimedia

    The best beaches in Setubal: how to get there

    The most beautiful beaches Setubal The ones we considered were those along the coast to the southwest of the historic center, those on Arabida Natural Parkas the opposite end of Setubal Bay is marked by the lagoon and swampy landscapes of the Sado River estuary, which nonetheless retain their own charm.

    Those who Setubal They all beaches It is easy to reach, and can be reached in a short time from the city center, by car or public transport. They are served by the coastal road, and almost all of them have small parking lots. In some cases, it is necessary to travel quickly and easily arcade to ARRIVE TO, TO GET TO sea.

    After this quick introductory news, let’s now go through in detail what a The 7 most beautiful beaches in Setubal that should not be missed for any reason.

    The best beaches in Setubal
    Credit Pemanuelp Wikimedia

    Praia de Alpertuche – Setubal

    The westernmost beach is located on the coast of Setubal Praia de albertuche, after which a long, high, inaccessible rock begins. This small cave features a nature Wilderness, though included in a residential context. It is located at about a Free beach And without services, with soft golden sands, and ocher cliffs sheltered from the winds, sea Quiet, clean and crystal clear.

    It is not very crowded as it is probably more difficult to get to The most beautiful beaches of Setubal. The descent to the beach is by steps and through a road One of the paved roads that serves the few existing homes. The sea floor is sandy and shallow, but has areas with rocks.

    Praia de Alpertuche - Setubal

    Praia do Portinho da Arrábida – Setúbal

    Going up the coast to the east, we came to a beautiful, wide beach Porteno da Arrabida. between a sea Crystal blue and wooded plants of the natural park, this shore Sandy is spacious and equipped with services. Actually there Shower facilitiestogether with Free beachTwo restaurants, toilets and lifeguard service.

    It is located at about a shore Instead it is frequented both for the scenic beauty and sea Wipe both for easy access. Praia do Portinho da Arrábida In fact, it has a large car park located along Círio da Arrábida Road. After the car park there is also an archaeological area. The beach is adjacent to Monte Branco beachQuieter and more secluded with a mixture of rock and sand.

    Praia do Portinho da Arrábida
    Credit Diogomundo Wikimedia

    Praia da Annexa – Setubal

    last cove caribbean looking, Praia da Anixa It is directly connected to praia do Monte Branco and praia do Portinho da Arrábida. Surrounded by a steep cliffshore It is characterized by white sand, rock formations and boulders. the sea It is clear, blue, clean and gently sloping.

    there Anixa Beach It’s free and without services. It is essential to bring everything, including rock shoes, and no shelter from the sun. It can be reached by simply walking through Praia do Porteño da Arrábida and Praia do Monte Branco. The perfect place to do Diving and diving.

    Praia da Annexa - Setubal

    Praia dos Coelhos – Setubal

    We meet right after a small wooded promontory Praia dos Quilosa wonderful bay located between the fertile land and nature Untamed and untouched. there The beach is free There are no services. The dimensions are small which is why it can get crowded.

    the waters It is clear and crystalline, with a sandy bottom and gently sloping. Nearby is the praia do Portinho da Arrábida car park and then you have to walk along Círio da Arrábida until you come to the start of a simple road road Which will take you to the Gulf in no time.

    Praia dos Coelhos - Setubal

    Praia de Jalapenos – Setubal

    that of jalapenos It is a large coastline that includes large parts of Free beach He is Shower facilities. Here you can rent canoes and kayaks to explore the surroundings, and in high season a shuttle bus leaves to take you to the area’s coves. there Restaurants And the bars located in the eastern part of the bay, while the western part is quieter and quieter.

    there sand It is smooth and golden, there are rocks at its end and stately woods reaching out to sea form the backdrop. the sea It is blue and emerald, calm and clean, the bottom of the sea is sandy and gently descending. Praia de Jalapenos However, it does not have a private car park and you can leave your car along Círio da Arrábida Road, from which you go down to the beach via footpaths.

    Praia de Jalapenos - Setubal
    Credit Pemanuelp Wikimedia

    Praia da Figueirinha – Setubal

    Among the most beautiful beaches of Setubal there too Figuerinha Beach. It is a large stretch of fine sand with clear and shallow waters, facilities for families with children and views of the Serra da Arrábida. the coastline alternating large portions of Free beach to Shower facilitiesthere are toilets, lifeguard service, restaurant and bars.

    Fijirinha Beach It is easily accessible by the coastal road, and has a large car park, but since it gets very crowded, it is recommended to go in the morning to find a parking space. In the car park there is also the stop of bus number 4472, which departs from Central Setubal. It is ideal for families with children and for those who want to do so sports water.

    Praia da Figueirinha - Setubal
    Credit Cavan ImagesShutterstock

    Praia de Albarquel – Setubal

    The closest beach to the center of Setubal, one of Portugal’s most beautiful seaside resorts, is Albarquel Beach. that it shore Sandy, of smaller dimensions, compared to the previous ones, immersed in a luxuriant and green landscape that contrasts with sea Blue and crystalline.

    there shore Free A part of Equipped beach Where to rent umbrellas and sunbeds. a restaurant The e bar directly overlooks the beach, which can be easily reached in a short time from the city center via the N 10-4 road, which also has several public bus routes. The easy way starts from the same road and takes you to sea And at its end there is a small car park.

    Praia de Albarquel
    Credit Vitor Oliveira Wikimedia

    The most beautiful beaches of Setubal, with pictures and pictures

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