The 42nd Review of the Chefs of Villa Santa Maria – Gallery has concluded

    The 42nd Review of the Chefs of Villa Santa Maria - Gallery has concluded

    Santa Maria Villa – closed b Lots of audience and great satisfaction by the organizers The 42nd Edition of the Chefs Review of Villa Santa Maria held last weekend.

    “After two years in which, due to the pandemic, we had to abandon the most representative event for our country – comment on Mayor Giuseppe Venamor – Finally we were able to welcome again the thousands of people who thronged to our historic center.”

    Numerous moments of entertainment filled three days of tastings, performances and demonstrations of cooking at the highest level. So Enrico Dervingler – One of the world’s greatest Italian chefs, best known as the late Queen Elizabeth II and former US President George W. Bush Sr. Who made the famous Risotto Regina Vittoria so from Chef Abruzzo David Nani, former student of the Hotel Villa Santa Maria Instituteid ‘Wild’ Because he prepares his dishes in the forests of Abruzzo and is famous for being part of the cast of the TV show It’s Always Back that she runs Antonella Clerici. Then again tasting wine, oil and other typical products, presentations and attractive presentation of comedian colorado cafeCarmen Varaco, “The Man of Sins.”

    inevitable demonstration buffet Culinary Arts curated by expertsVal di Sangro Chefs Association and Ipssar Marchitelli Hotel Institute. Two facts are spent with the municipality every year so that the review remains in the heart of those who visited it.

    Mayor Finamore explains: “The perfect success of the event comes and is renewed in each edition by a cohesive and passionate team working to ensure that everything goes perfectly. The collaboration between the Chefs Association, the Hotel Institute and the municipality is of vital importance to this event.”

    “Thank you very much – he adds – go toThe hotel school and its pupils. Without them, all this would not have been possible. Ipssar is the pioneer in our territory, a worldwide recognized franchise that has trained the chefs who work today in the finest international kitchens. And we, as a community, are proud of that.”

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