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The 33-year-old model beheaded her boyfriend jealous that she won the modeling shows

The 33-year-old model beheaded her boyfriend jealous that she won the modeling shows

In Russia, the story of the murder of a 33-year-old mother and “DecapitatedBy her boyfriend, jealous of the successes of the woman Ai Beauty contests. The name of the murdered model was Olga Shlimina, she was the mother of two children and already had two marriages. The woman disappeared under mysterious circumstances from her home in Novodvinsk, in the west of the country, on March 20, only to be found five days later, with her mutilated body, in a snowy forest. Her last partner, named Vyacheslav, had taken possession of her by introducing himself as a loving and sensitive partner, to turn out to be possessive and wild.

Based on the most recent rebuild By the police and the press, the man was on a rampage after Olga’s last victory in the beauty pageant. In fact, Vyacheslav was furious to see his girlfriend competing on the podium, as it was suspected that she took advantage of those contests in order to ‘To flirt With other menThe 33-year-old’s recent victory in the countless challenge between models was the motivation behind the crazy gesture of her boyfriend.

After they took her away from the house under the pretext of taking her for a walk in the snowy forest, the investigators Vyacheslav had started yelling at the woman accusing her of betraying him with a co-worker, then Hit it. Then the man decapitated his girlfriend and finally hid the body under the snow. Olga’s family was alarmed by her prolonged absence from the house, and then alerted the police, who then made the shocking discovery.

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According to the testimonies of the victim’s relatives, the latter had long been at odds with her boyfriend, who Letigava Often, she was in desperate need of a reliable new life partner with whom she would happily live with her two children. Based on these accounts, the policemen immediately turned their investigations on Vyacheslav, who was arrested the day after the decapitated body was discovered.

Accused of killing the model, the man has it so far I acknowledge Only partially, he admitted that he defeated the 33-year-old and that his blows could actually kill Olga.

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