The 20th Anniversary console has a tribute to Duke –

    The 20th Anniversary console has a tribute to Duke -

    Some fans were happy to find a profile Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller contains a file greeting the duke, the first console on the platform. Moreover, it is a really detailed and nice tribute, because it cannot be detected without the use of a certain tool.

    Essentially, if you illuminate the front cover of the control box with the light of a UV lamp, the image of the Duke appears below the image of the modern console. Of course, to be able to see it you have to make the gloomy environment wherever you are. In the video below you can see the surprise in all its sympathy.

    For starters, Duke was the controller for the first Xbox, at least for a few months, before it was replaced due to the extremely generous dimensions that gave grip issues for those with very small hands. Despite the initial bad reputation, over time Duke has achieved cult status, loved by Xbox users all over the world. We also dedicated a special occasion to its history on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary.

    The surprise new console box aims to delight old fans by making the festive console unique in its own way.

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