The 10-year agreement Microsoft proposed to Nintendo for Call of Duty is just smoke and mirrors –

    The 10-year agreement Microsoft proposed to Nintendo for Call of Duty is just smoke and mirrors –

    Sony He told financial advisory firm MLex that the proposed ten-year deal a Nintendo by Microsoft for the arrival of the Call of Duty series on its consoles alone Smoke in the eyesa way to divert attention from the critical issues that arose from the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

    According to the company headed by Jim Ryan, Nintendo gamers are not interested in the Call of Duty series. In fact, on the Nintendo Switch, the best-selling games are those of Nintendo itself, mostly designed as family-friendly, while first-person shooters like DOOM score much lower.

    However, it must be said that the agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo, which will start only if the Redmond house manages to acquire Activision Blizzard, can start from 2024 (if not even from 2025), since the timing will not allow the management of the Call of Duty port. Duty for Nintendo Switch by 2023, which is the year the deal is expected to close, positive or negative. In this case, the series could arrive even on new devices, provided that Microsoft does not choose publications Cloud versions of different seasons, which will greatly simplify your life.

    Whatever the case, Sony had made it clear to MLex that: “Activision could supply Call of Duty to Nintendo already today, but it’s not doing it because the company’s young user isn’t interested in first-person shooters and the old version of the game on consoles was a flop.” . Its conclusion is that “rather than being a rational business decision, the licensing deal is a tactic designed to make Microsoft appear to be a collaborator with antitrust regulators, since the acquisition has raised concerns in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, and in the United States.”

    Also according to Sony: “Nintendo Switch may not be able to run Call of Duty and it could take years to develop a compatible version, making the 10-year deal meaningless.” On this point, PlayStation may be right, given that the Nintendo Switch is a very weak console in terms of hardware, but it did not take into account the possibility of supposedly already having cloud releases, already tested for other games, that Microsoft could manage with fewer problems. Much thanks to her expertise and technical expertise in this sector.

    However, Sony concluded by saying that for Nintendo it’s a really beneficial agreement, since it doesn’t compete with Microsoft in the area of ​​subscription services or cloud gaming. So he doesn’t have any major interests at stake.

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