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The 10 Best Pizza Places in Modena

The 10 Best Pizza Places in Modena

Although far from the original Neapolitan nest, Modena also boasts local areas in its territory where you can enjoy great pizza. So here’s a list, reported by TripAdvisor, of the 10 best pizzerias in Modena according to visitors’ opinions and comments.

Mitomato Gastronomia Lounge Bar

There are: Via Cardinale Giovanni Morone 8/A near Palazzo dei Musei and Via Emilia Centro, Modena

Mitomato features gastronomy typical of Naples and the Mediterranean including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diet options. Excellent cocktails, handcrafted beer, wine and organic soft drinks. From Wednesday to Sunday, minimum 6 people, unlimited giropizza and girosaltimbocca, including drinks, for 15 euros each.

Artisan area

There are: Via Ottorino Respighi 145/151, Modena

Zona Artigianale features a type of long-fermented pizza, as well as Bianca Modines burgers, fried food, salads, cold dishes, and some vegetarian options. Don’t miss the handcrafted beer, as the restaurant offers 10 different taps.

Available for take out and also open for lunch on Fridays.

Pizzeria del Viale 2.0.2 Update

There are: Viale Antonio Gramsci 106, Modena

The Neapolitan pizzeria is equipped with a wooden oven. Luigi Teperino’s restaurant is modern and welcoming, the staff is friendly and the products are presented with clear flavor and very easy to digest.

A corner in Naples in Modena where tradition, form, originality and taste of Neapolitan pizza are combined with compliance with rules and processing theory. Open for lunch and dinner except Sunday for lunch.

Sorrisoo Pizza Restaurant

There are: Via Pietro Giardini 668, Modena

In addition to the late season dishes of Modenes, Sorriso offers a type of long-fermented pizza (up to 36 hours) cooked in a wood oven and using whole wheat flour and 5 grains:

  • classic pizza
  • special pizza
  • pizza by meter
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Open for lunch and dinner, closed on Tuesdays.

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