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Thank you Maria Giovanna Elmi for participating in Luce Nuova sui Fatti |

Thank you Maria Giovanna Elmi for participating in Luce Nuova sui Fatti |

Stefano Stefanini

NewTuscia – VITERBO – Luce Nuova’s recent posting notes about facts in theories on the media, he found that commercial televisions tend to “manipulate” or influence individuals to the point of asserting that they play the role of “coexists.” This is a “theory of some television critics in recent years.” .

Television is the medium that he can do more than others socializeIn this paragraph, we will analyze the second social factor that led to the development of the phenomenon of information and entertainment: the birth of commercial televisions.

As numerous studies of the site or location have shown, commercial televisions were born in Italy in the 1970s, and unlike public television – funded by license fees – they “feed” on private financing for companies, through advertisements.

Commercial TVs in serial products – mainly exported from the United States – have found a way to cover the full range of everyday programming. A symbolic example is television series, created on the initiative of manufacturers of detergents and soaps – from which they took their name – who wanted to try a new form of entertainment that could attract consumers to its advertised products. This way the audience gets used toMeet the same program, every day.

So the goal of commercial television is that To try to attract a segment of the audience and enjoy it, as much as possible for SoldAs a result, advertisers get more and more funding.

To better achieve this goal, The schedule programming is divided into time periods, each with a specific schedule, in order to clearly divide the goal of advertising messages. Moreover, measuring audience ratings becomes critically important because it is assumed – rightly – that the more viewers who follow a particular program, the more users will see the ad included in it. In 1976 Italy, after more than twenty years of state monopoly, the first domestic television broadcasts were allowed.

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However, in the mid-1980s, the first commercial televisions covering the entire national territory were born, starting with Fininvest – now Mediaset – owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

The final transition to new television – a term that Umberto Eco pioneered in 1983 – occurs when Rai, driven by the loss of a significant portion of the audience, fills its programming with entertainment opportunities and entertainment programming at all hours of the day.

In this way, TV shows are completely filled with shows with highly popular content, so much so that even toIt must confront the information, and adjust immediately to the prevailing context to restore audience consensus.

Enrico Mendoni says:In the new TV lRecreation includes all other types, to become the true “programmable connective tissue.”Deterministic, therefore, It is to block or block.

Entertainment is the graft that allows many television genres to survive within the program.Specialist ”, This isIt targets an undifferentiated audience.

If the favorite show on television is the one that puts the private sector on the streets for the enjoyment of the public (entertainment), then the information adapts to become entertainment information, scientific publishing turns into educational entertainment, and even sport has to re-transform itself into sport.

Remember that RAI announcers, “Miss Good Evening” are Retires on May 28, 2016 The change of broadcasters’ role coincided with the shift of public television towards a commercial model.

We note the great development from public television to commercial television with implications for:

– Information

Entertainment that is of particular interest to commercial televisions

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– Regional and city commercial television

  • In the process of switching from public television to commercial entertainment, one witnesses the dispersion and expansion of the content provided to the customer

National commercial television with its commercial and promotional messages tended to define unified cultural and social models that were balanced by the development of the local broadcasting of many urban and regional televisions and radios that play a valuable role in cultural mediation. And enhancing the cultural, economic and social wealth of individual regions and cities.

Testimony given by us Federico Usai, the historic face of TeleViterbo And the author of unique interviews such as those of Giulio Andreotti and Julieta Massena, such as Interview Wanda Cherubeni A. Her time as TeleViterbo Collaborator, more than thirty years of experience Teleorte still operates with three channels today, and Tele Lazio Nord emphasizes the authenticity and indispensable nature of the local broadcast experience.

“Information is a fundamental defense of democracy that we must support and assist.

Allow Fair recognition Its programs, especially ours Facts & Comments “Always offer ample space for Tosya’s artistic beauty, products and producers, in their completeness and diversity.

The hope we feel is to address our readers and viewers – especially those who write with honor and the burden of responsibility of a deputy director. www.newtuscia.it It is our greatest commitment to provide useful programs and newspapers, to be as objective as possible and to reinforce those who trust us and read us every day.

For us, communication, especially in the form of television as in the case of digital newspapers, is an essential tool for improving human relations and for strengthening and knowing our lands: this is why I thank the Governor of Viterbo, Dr. Giovanni Bruno, all the local officials, regional and regional councilors, and above all the mayor of Viterbo Giovanni Arena, the mayor of the province Pietro Notchi, the bishops Mgr. Lino Fumagalli and Mgr. Romano Rossi Priests of the parishes of our dioceses, the mayors of our 60 magnificent municipalities in Tossia, managers and owners of our businesses, craftsmen, guilds, professional and entrepreneurial organizations, public administrationTosya University, health and aid structures, schools of all levels, forcesThe system and all citizens.

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The views and commitment of our newspaper and “Your” on the Internet, our TV programs and our information TeleLazio Nord They want to respond in a synergistic way to the communication needs of our region, Lazio Umbria and Tuscany, viewers and readers who supported us in the most years of increased interest and interest.

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