Test opinions Technical data sheet Opel Astra & Dimensions 1.2 Turbo 131 HP GS Line

    Test opinions Technical data sheet Opel Astra & Dimensions 1.2 Turbo 131 HP GS Line

    Makes a good scene

    Dashboard and controls
    Climbing aboardopel astraThe eye immediately moves to the dashboard, directed at the driver: the effect of the two screens (for the instrument panel and the multimedia system) united into one eyelid-less curved strip is particularly beautiful. Less attractive, but functional, are the switches at the top of the console: they serve as a shortcut to some infotainment menus and manage seat and steering wheel heating, as well as various “climate” functions (but not air distribution, which must be set from the screen). The finishes It is treated, however ventilation holes They close by pointing them to the side and do not have a separate flow rate adjustment. further improvement dashboard From 10 “, which does not have a catchy graphic. On the other hand, it can show navigator maps, optional with a head-up display. The multimedia system also has a diagonal of 10 inches, which does not shine in terms of imagination and organization of menus. However, the The screen is responsive to touch.And thanks to wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you can use phone navigation apps and do so without dialing the car’s GPS.The GS Line’s sporty details are captivating, such as the flat-bottom steering wheel and stainless steel pedals Aluminium.

    Space (especially for the legs) is not lackingopel astra. Moreover, the soft fabric armchairs are comfortable and have many adjustments: on the driver’s side there is also an extendable seat, and the passenger seat also has lumbar support with electrical adjustment. On the sofa, thanks to the low and inclined seat, even those whose height is close to 190 cm do not touch the ceiling. However, if you want to travel with three people, you are a bit compact and in the middle the support is tight and the retractable armrest makes the backrest stiff.

    The outer space stomach for bags It’s not bad at all: 422 liters (1,339 with the sofa reclined). The loading deck can be installed in two levels and using the full height two bags can be fitted under the awning, there is space left to the side: excellent. Moreover, the loading sill is not too high off the ground (69 cm) and there is a trapdoor through which skis and other long items can be accessed. Speaking of spaces for stuff, we appreciate the many compartments in the passenger compartment atopel astraMany, though not all large. Including on the dashboard, which is well finished (although not cooled by the “climate” air).

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