Home sport Tennis, US Open: Standard prize money, but 35% off for winners

Tennis, US Open: Standard prize money, but 35% off for winners

Tennis, US Open: Standard prize money, but 35% off for winners

New York The record-breaking prize pool is $57.5 million, but the individual winners of this year’s US Open will receive 35% less than in 2019, the last edition played with such a large number of spectators. On the other hand, the qualifying tournament prizes and the first three rounds of the main draw will increase significantly. This was announced by the US Tennis Association, which organizes the four and final tournaments of the season, scheduled from August 30 to September 12: the total prize money for the tournament will rise to 57.5 million dollars, just over 57.2 million in 2019. The figure was 53.4 million in Last year, when fans were completely banned from Flushing Meadows due to the coronavirus pandemic. The USTA again worked with the players, the WTA management, and the ATP to plan the allocation of the prize pool. The 2021 US Open qualifiers will provide nearly $6 million in prize money, up 66% from 2019. The first round cash prize will be $75,000 (23% more than last year). $115,000 for the second round and $180,000 for the third. To achieve these numbers, the players and the tour management decided to reduce the prize for the individual champion from 3 million dollars to 2.5 million dollars, and the prize for the finalist was reduced to 1.25 million dollars.

“Proud to return prize money to pre-pandemic levels”

“Last year has been particularly complex, the pandemic has had a profound impact on our financial health – Mike Dawes, CEO of the USTA told the media – but we have continued to work hard to improve our event and ensure a future for all levels. The US Open is an exceptional show to promote our sport, and the results The recent achievement encourages us. According to the data obtained, we can believe that since the end of 2020, more than four million fans have approached or returned to playing tennis, which is an extraordinary achievement. Needless to say, we are pleased with our ability to restore players’ compensation to levels Pre-pandemic. Small reductions in prizes for ATP and WTA semi-finalists and winners have been agreed in order to support players registered for the playoffs who will have to leave New York after the first rounds and the realities of the process have begun.”

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Allaster: “Redistribution has been discussed with players and tour managers”

US Open director Stacey Alistair is also in style. “We know that the next edition will be a historic version – he said – with the spectators in the stands and all the full scoreboards returning after the complications of last year. The changes in the award distribution have been discussed. With the players and with the players. The director of both rounds. We are pleased to meet their support for the implementation of the redistribution logic. Who prefers as many athletes as possible.

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