Tennis, the ATP finals in Turin, a new challenge for Italy

    Tennis, the ATP finals in Turin, a new challenge for Italy

    The ATP Finals in Turin is a great showcase of how Italy, the Turin Municipal Administration and the Italian Tennis Federation are able to compete with other big cities in the world and be able to host such an important event. It is a sign of how much sports tourism will continue in the country, also because we have shown that we can carry out big events even in the middle of a pandemic, such as Cortina 2021. The ATPs will be a bridge to Milan Cortina 2026, which will be the first strongly decentralized Olympics with two regions, Lombardy and Veneto and two governing provinces. Self like Trento and Bolzano ». Stefano DeliciDAO, founder and CEO, is convinced that this new test bed for the international sporting events sector in Italy can be part of building the country’s growing credibility.

    The Nitto ATP Finals will be played in Turin from 2021 to 2025. Piedmont is the 15th city to host the prestigious end-of-season tennis event, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. The event will take place from 14 to 21 November At the Pala Alpitour in Turin, the largest indoor facility in Italy, which for the occasion provides the standard configuration of the facility with about 12,000 spectators, even if CTS decisions create problems for those who have booked tickets.

    “This is an important challenge for the Italian sports system, after 10 years in London, because we will be hosting the Grand Final of the men’s tennis season, with the eight best singles teams and eight best pairs competing for the last title of the season »explains Delice, whose company the event management company took care of in organizing a sporting experience For large Italian and international companies, which have decided to invest in the event.” The company’s project foresees 850 places dedicated to companies, with a series of services. Between lThe investing companies represent 85% of the major Italian companies and 15% from abroad. The agreement provides for a period of 5 years and we expect an increase in visits from abroad over time, possibly limited for the time being due to the pandemic.” Such as the 2009 FIFA World Cup in Rome, the 2010 FIFA Men’s Volleyball World Championship in Italy, and the 2013 FIFA World Cup in Palermo, the 2013 World Cup America in Naples, the 2018 World Figure Skating Championships in Milan, and the FIA ​​Formula-e 2018/2019 Championships.

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    “Italy has a very relevant and important history in organizing major sporting events. The state system works well in these conditions and when there is quality, Italian companies support these initiatives. In the case of the Turin ATP Finals, the segment of customers with the most tickets is the financial and insurance segment, starting with the bank that awarded the title of this event, Intesa Sanpaolo, which has shown an extraordinary commitment to supporting the event” confirms Delici, who works with Dow in Turin is also an advisor to Giorgio Armani, whom he deals with historically after exploring athletes and the contract with Kony for the sporting side.At the ATP Finals, the Italian designer is the event’s technical sponsor with EA7, the Emporio Armani line.

    “I think there are sporting events that will undoubtedly attract you– International sports awareness for the Italian brand, understood as notoriety, knowledge, dissemination. If as a country you win the gold medal in the 100m at the Olympics or the European Football Championship at Wembley against the English, it certainly has an impact on the reputation of the Italian brand and therefore also a positive impact on the reputation of Italian companies. Thus, the great Italian quality at the industrial and service level is also linked abroad with the quality of sporting results and leads to a virtuous circle that also has economic repercussions “emphasizes the CEO of DAO, who continues:” At the national level, then, the victories have strong social value: The fact that there are so many winning teams brings youth closer to the sport, supporting the school in training the citizens of tomorrow. So the driving impact of sporting successes is twofold: external to support the Italian brand and internal to the social impact they have on young people.”

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