Tennis: Team Italy Davis Cup Documentary on Heaven

    Tennis: Team Italy Davis Cup Documentary on Heaven

    The Sky Original documentary series tells the story of the Davis Cup won by Italy in 1976 with Corrado Barazzotti, Paolo Bertolucci, Adriano Bannata, Tonino Zugarelli and captain Nicola Petrangelli. Broadcast on May 14 at 9.15pm on Sky Documentaries and on Sunday May 15 at the end of the BNL Internazionale d’Italia final on Sky Sport Uno

    From 1976 to 1980, Italy was the team to beat. We’re talking about tennis and the tournament you’re fighting for exists Davis Cup. The team consists of four players and four champions: Corrado Barazzotti, Paolo Bertolucci, Adriano Bannata, Tonino Zugarelli.

    In those five years they reached the final four times, winning only in 1976 against Chile She arrived but then lost in ’77 against Australia, in ’79 against the USA and in 1980 against Czechoslovakia. In 76 and 77 the team had an Italian tennis legend as a non-playing captain, Nicolas Petrangelliretired from competitive activity only a few years ago. Petergli will be acquitted by his players After defeating 77 in Australia. He considers it the greatest betrayal he suffered in his life.


    The first two episodes will also be shown on Sky Sport Uno on Sunday 15 May

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    there Sky Original docu documentary series, Una Squadra, produced by Fandango, Sky and Luce CinecittàAfter moving to the cinema, he arrives on television On Sky Documentaries from May 14th at 9.15pmAvailable ALSO ON DEMAND AND STREAMING NOW. The first two episodes of a team It will also be broadcast Sky Sport Uno Sunday 15 MayImmediately after the Inter Milan final.

    The strongest team in the world

    The series tells of a divided and sometimes fragmented team and difficult and conflicting relationships within it, both among the players and with those who direct and coach them. A team, a national team, when victory is at hand opposes and fights in its own country. Despite all this, in those years it was the most powerful team in the world.



    Episode 1 – Battle of Nikola – Broadcast on May 14 at 9.15 pm

    The 1976 Davis Cup Final will be held in Chile, led by Pinochet. In Italy, the country that reached the finals, there is a debate Either boycott the match or not. Pietrangeli, captain of the team, will be able to mediate in politics and support the departure of the Italians. The team is made up of Panatta, Barazzutti, Bertolucci and Zugarelli, four champions with different styles on the pitch and in private life. Before Chile will fight against the United Kingdom, and enter the semi-finals against Australia.

    Episode 2 – People are fine – to air on May 14th at 10.15pm

    Also thanks to the support of the public, Banatta won the international championships in Rome and Roland Garros in 1976. The following year, Italy beat Spain in Barcelona Davis, where the atmosphere was glowing. Remembering the 1974 semi-final defeat in apartheid South Africa, Monica Giorgi recounts her symbolic act in ’72 as she wore an anti-racism T-shirt on the field, which cost her her disqualification.

    Episode 3 – The CHANGE OF THE GUARD – Aired May 21 at 9.15pm

    Years of training at the Formia Center, under the supervision of Bellardinelli. In ’70, Banatta beat Petrangelli and became No. 1 in Italy. The two became a tight-knit couple. Zugarelli in America is admired by the public and hero Arthur Ashe. In 1977 in Sydney, the team reached the final, but the friction between Petrangelli and the four players complicates the match away from home.

    Episode 4 – We Don’t Care About You Anymore – To Air On May 28th at 9.15pm

    In 1978 the team decided to dismiss Pettergley as captain. The former hero feels betrayed. With new captains Petit Bergamo and Banata distracted by personal problems, the team loses in Hungary. New pairs are tried in doubles: Barazzutti-Panatta and Zugarelli-Barazzutti. Bergamo will die tragically before the final in the US, where the team faces super favorites McEnroe and Gerolites.

    a team

    Episode 5 – Closed Openings – Broadcast on June 4th at 9.15pm

    Tennis players, all from different childhoods, trace the beginning of their passion for tennis. Zugarelli is going through a moment of crisis that he overcame thanks to Bellardinelli’s support and reaches the final of the international tournaments in Rome in 77. The Davis 80’s final takes place in Czechoslovakia in a very tense political atmosphere, where referees favor the hosts. Starting from that match, players evaluate their career. Going back to 1976, Newcombe, Alexander and Roche’s victory over Australia made them reach the final over Pinochet’s Chile.

    Episode 6 – Santiago – Broadcast on June 11 at 9.15 pm

    In the run-up to the 1976 Davis Cup Final in Santiago, diplomat Di Vergottini skillfully managed to get some political prisoners released thanks to the Italians’ participation in the final. The regime welcomes Italians with complete honor and hides its violent side. The team is preparing for the final and after so many years the famous version of the “red shirts” is shedding light.

    a team

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