Telegram, big news coming: everything will change | Whatsapp is ready to collapse


    The messaging apps currently most used by users around the world is definitely WhatsApp (which still holds the record today), however, it is immediately followed by Telegram, which has made end-to-end encryption its backbone, thus becoming certified by The catchment area is increasingly large over the years.

    These apps often fit for new updates, which always offer useful features that improve the user’s overall user experience.


    One of the focal points when it comes to messaging (as well as the web in general) is definitely safety. According to the latest rumors, the company’s intention is to make accessing your account more secure, especially when it comes to accessing from new devices that have never been used until that point.

    What can access Telegram

    So far, in fact, the system used by Telegram provides a classic system for Two-factor documentationwhich includes the use of an additional password that can be used in case of accessing a new device, which fits easily into hacking systems.

    Intent, in this case, is intent Add an email address Which the user can use to access the new device to be registered in a safe and simple way. If you do not want to use your email, it is possible otherwise Use your Google accountThus, the ability to sync your Telegram account with the new device is just as fast.

    telegram encrypted

    Obviously these assumptions for the time being are still simple, so we’ll just have to wait for the official communications from Telegram, which we’re sure won’t last in the next few weeks or months.

    We remind you that among the latest updates recently introduced by Telegram, the use of ben . is available 10 new emoji packsPlus the ability to create your own emojis using the platform telegram emojiIt is available only and exclusively to registered users of Premium Telegram.

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