Tedeschi by Bianchi: “For Totti, natural areas are tourist attractions”

    Tedeschi by Bianchi: “For Totti, natural areas are tourist attractions”

    Curious is the pretext put forward by President Toti to oust the head of the Cinque Terre National Park Donatella Bianchi, to replace him – insinuates – with Giuseppe Costa, now the head of Costa Endutainment, the company that manages – remember Toti – the Genoa Aquarium, the Galata Sea and Biosphere Museum, the Bigo and the Cattolica Aquarium and Livorno Aquarium, Oltremare and Aquafan parks in Riccione, Italy in miniature in Rimini.

    The pretext would be that she, former president of WWF Italy, is today a candidate of Movimento 5 stelle for the presidency of the Lazio region and that would overshadow her candidacy for the presidency of the 5 Terre National Park.

    Apart from the fact that when I was president of Montemarcello, Magra and Vara Park, the five-star movement stood in defense of the institution I presided over when Toti’s Liguria wanted to close it, but without success thanks to the position it took and to the indignation of half of Italy. Thus Bianchi’s affiliation with – or continuity with – the Five Star Movement, in terms of sensitivity to PAs, reassures me. What matters most, however, is whether the professional history of one or the other candidate aligns with the role.

    And here we have a former president of the WWF – an independent international organization famous for its environmental advocacy – and an excellent current president and director of an entertainment company.

    The comparison is interesting because it undoubtedly reveals President Toti’s concept of protected natural areas: tools of tourist attractions, in fact, rather than means of preserving and re-establishing natural equilibriums where they have failed due to the transformations of some men.

    It seems like a small matter, but it has very big impacts on budget choices and all of our lives. Going back to the Montemarcello Magra Park that I presided over, for example, the Toti region has never provided significant resources to intervene on the 43 landfills on the river bed, on the quality of the river water or on the vegetation on the river bed, in the fact that the project presented in the PNRR worth About 8 million “River Conservation, Biomass Management and Regional Safety” has disappeared from the funding and resources that relate to the health and safety of people before the tourist attractions of the territory and which, if anything, is the result of care and sustenance, not its cause.

    As far as Cinque Terre is concerned, then, there is certainly no need for commercialization, an activity that dr. Costa is certainly an expert, but with careful attention to ecological balances that can be compromised by an increase, not a decrease, in tourist flows.

    Therefore, Donatella Bianchi is better, and I hope it will be the same for the mayors of the region.

    As for the system of spoils, that is, the practice born in the United States, of changing the directors of institutions upon the change of the political class that governs them, it is not to be confused with the political division that has plagued our country for the last 70 years, and consists of a suitable manager for the role occupied by a less suitable manager, regardless of Regardless of his professional history, simply because he is connected to the Conservative political party. And the results are clear.

    Pietro Tedeschi, former President of the Park of Montemarcello, Magra and Fara

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