Teaching method that surprises the web

    Teaching method that surprises the web

    Teacher From kindergarten teaching holidays thanks Tik Tok. The woman became famous thanks to videos posted on the Chinese social platform in which she showed how she taught nursery rhymes and poems to her young students. Let’s find out what happened.

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    Marcello Vinci, who died in China at the age of 29. Mother: I paid for the autopsy, but they didn’t tell me the reasons.

    Teaching method affecting the web

    GUA_HUA is the file account name Kindergarten teacher Chinese, from Hubei Province, signed a contract with an agency that sponsors interests influencers. The teacher with only one video on Tik Tok He earned as much as he would have made with 10 years of work.

    for him Teaching Methods affected users social networks Giving her the opportunity to earn such large numbers.

    songsChildren’s songs and ancient poems: The Chinese teacher is a successful case of a trend that increasingly sees low-paid employees quit their jobs and fully devote themselves to producing and creating Web content.

    Pupil support

    Cases of this kind are also successful on the one hand young students which, increasingly technologically, engages and encourages its teachers to use these social tools to become champions.

    specially Chinese kindergarten teacherin fact, it was about moving away in a live broadcast where he sang with his students children’s songs that he shared with more than 4 million users Link to your profile.

    According to what was learned from TheDailyStarKindergarten teacher got it up 3 thousand yuan Today, with 3 live streams, it has reached no 2 million yuanequivalent to about 270 thousand euros.

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