Tax return 2023, when is it recommended to take citizenship income?

    Tax return 2023, when is it recommended to take citizenship income?

    to be aware of basic income It does not affect the potential obligation to file a tax return – either with the 730/2023 or with the Model Redditi Pf – since the amount received is Tax-free You don’t need to declare it.

    However, this does not mean that those who receive citizenship income should in no way file a tax return, as it depends on a case-by-case basis.

    Given the imminent start of the 2023 tax return campaign (referring to the 2022 tax period), it is therefore legitimate to ask yourself when the income recipient should fulfill his obligations to the tax authorities by filing the tax return using the form that suits him. your needs within the specified deadline.

    In this regard, we remind you that for the announcement with the 730/2023 model there is time until October 2nd, while with the Redditi Pf model the deadline is set for November 30th: given this deadline, we are trying to clarify when this is realization required Also for those who take citizenship income, as well as in cases where it is only advised There are good chances of getting a tax refund (the so-called Irpef Bonus).

    Does anyone receiving citizenship income have to file a tax return?

    Form 730/2023 must be submitted if you are They have multiple entries. For example, this is the case for those who work and at the same time also have paid occasional work with withholding tax.

    On the other hand, those who:

    • Taxes were due It was already withheld by the withholding agent. This is the case, for example, for those who are salaried only as an employee (for whom the employer acts as the withholding agent) or for those who are only retired (in which case the INPS is the alternative);
    • Also exempt are taxpayers with income from a principal dwelling or other non-rented premises (therefore exempt from IMU), income with alternative tax or income withheld from source;
    • Those receiving treatments for which no taxes were originally due are exempt, eg Irpef is exempt.

    Let’s focus precisely on this last point: though The ISEE citizenship income must be indicated (but still does not generate income when considered for the same performance recognition purpose), this Do not generate income And so Not subject to the payment of taxes.

    This means that Those who take only citizenship income do not have to file a tax return.

    This also applies to those who, in addition to citizenship income, are in possession of one of the following remedies:

    • pension;
    • civil disability pension;
    • employee salary
    • suitable.

    In general, therefore, those who receive citizenship income and therefore are presumed to have a very low gross income at the same time are not required to file a tax return. He has to do that when he is the owner as well as RdC two or more incomes (not exempt from personal income tax), which is a particularly remote case when referring to the public benefiting from the procedure.

    Citizenship Income: When it is recommended to file a tax return

    And anyway recommended File your tax return during the year (remember that the reference tax period is from January 1 to December 31, 2022) when there are expenses that can be used for deductions.

    attention: If you have no other income in addition to citizenship income, there is no point in filing Form 730/2023 anyway. Since this is exempt from Irpef, in fact, It does not give the possibility to enjoy discounts.

    The same goes for those who have a job in addition to citizenship income but with A salary not exceeding 8,174 euros (No tax area). For those, in fact, the Irpef is not actually due and therefore there is no point in sending the tax return because it will not be possible to enjoy the deductions in any case.

    Different talk for those who take citizenship income and at the same time also have Work with a salary exceeding 8174 euros: these, in case there are deductions to be enjoyed (here is the full list for 2023) can still send the tax return (which in any case is not mandatory) so that you have the opportunity to enjoy favorable settlement and income tax refund.

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