Home science Symptoms of hypothyroidism come from this disorder that no one thinks about

Symptoms of hypothyroidism come from this disorder that no one thinks about

Symptoms of hypothyroidism come from this disorder that no one thinks about

There are diseases such as diseases of the thyroid gland that can appear at first even when our bodies do not tolerate changes in temperature. It’s also true that with nearly 50 records set in so many Italian cities these days, it’s hard to think of not suffering from the heat. However, any heat intolerance can be caused precisely by a change in thyroid function. But it’s not just because one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism comes through that no one thinks about it. We will see it with our experts in this article from our editorial team.

Because feeling excessive heat affects the thyroid gland


It may sound strange, but if the thyroid gland is overworked and therefore produces too many hormones, it increases Metabolism. As well as body temperature. One of the main functions of the thyroid gland is to regulate the body specifically thermally. So if our thyroid works too much, we’ll feel typical hot flashes. On the other hand, if we start to become intolerant to cold, the thyroid gland will work less.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism come from this disorder that no one thinks about

The most classic manifestations of thyroid dysfunction are rapid heartbeat, tremors, feeling constantly tired, and constantly running to the bathroom. But there’s a really anomalous symptom: we have a hard time picking up on the little things. This is precisely due to the trembling hands that suddenly lose strength and make us understand that something is wrong. Unfortunately, hypothyroidism, also called Basedow’s disease, is an autoimmune disease. This means that our bodies begin to constantly overproduce antibodies that fight themselves. In military terms, we can define it as “friendly fire”.

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Genetic predisposition can also be calculated

Certainly as unfortunately happens to Tumors, even for hypothyroidism, medicine officially recognizes the genetic defect. In many cases, there may be a genetic predisposition at the origin of the disease. What’s more, if we know that mom and dad, or grandparents in the direct line suffered from it, let’s underestimate it. We don’t try to be overly anxious, but call our doctor as soon as possible for all the usual checkups.

We also remember that, especially in this very hot period, those who suffer from hyperthyroidism should try to drink as much alcohol as possible. Obviously, avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Likewise we try to avoid foods rich in iodine and a discountIt can also be mollusks and crustaceans, which are delicacies at the moment but definitely contraindicated for those with a thyroid gland.


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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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