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Swimming World Championships in Japan, what to eat? Dietitian de Tola reveals it all

Swimming World Championships in Japan, what to eat?  Dietitian de Tola reveals it all

What do we eat in japan during Swimming World Championships in Fukuoka? How do you stay fit between time zones, diet, and breathless races? he tells it Luke Dettola, a nutritionist who has long made a scientific approach to nutrition a hallmark of his profession. The next day Lorenzo Gallosi, Gabriel DittiAlberto Razzetti and Sarah Franceschi (The latter two participated in the World Cup) and continue to follow Philip MagniniJunior, at 41, broke the M40 Master world record in his pet 100 freestyle with a 50″ 73.

Let’s start with the World Cup in Japan: What is the diet of the athletes?

“Certainly in Japan you cannot benefit from the Mediterranean diet, but in any case I have to say that their diet is healthy. The Japanese eat mainly fruits, vegetables, seaweed, fish, rice and soybean paste and we drink good amounts of green tea, which is a drink rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Having all these foods ensures that this diet is rich enough in plant matter, antioxidants and omega. Acks. From a distance, we compare and choose the most appropriate meals according to needs.”

What is the standard meal for an athlete during the World Cup and race day?

“I think it is necessary to give the right intake of energy and at the same time nutritious and easy-to-digest foods. Mainly space for carbohydrates with low protein and fat content before the race, and also because of the discussion regarding gastric digestion times being longer than carbohydrates. It is simulated.”

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What role does jet lag play in all of this?

“the phenomenon is called”Jet lag syndrome(Time zone syndrome) is classified under “disorders of the circadian rhythm”. This can lead to fatigue, nervousness, irritability, insomnia or interrupted sleep. As far as nutrition is concerned, it is useful to adapt meal times to those of the country of destination: hunger and sleep are closely related and tend to influence each other. We therefore try with athletes already from the days before departure to adjust old habits to new ones as much as possible. Avoid excessive doses of caffeinated drinks or other stimulating drinks. Tex and probiotics even earlier to avoid intestinal problems that are so frequent when traveling abroad.

How did Sara Franceschi and Alberto Razzetti reach the World Cup?

“I have to say that both Alberto and Sarah are coming to this date with the world championships in perfect physical condition. I am very optimistic and confident and I want to assure that they are both flawless and follow what I tell them to the letter. I am proud of them.”

He would also be proud of Magnini.

“Well, 50″ 73 (the main world record) with a return break of 25″ 75 is great time for a 41-year-old who works out, has a family and a daughter, and trains 3 times a week when possible. Champions have no secrets because they’re in their hearts and heads and they’re not afraid to get back in the game. At the same time I have to say that over the years he’s always tracked Filippo with nutrition; and the whole thing is exciting. He’s an absolute example.”

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What diet does Philip follow?

“Mediterranean. Obviously, we assess his needs based on his energy expenditure and his lifestyle, which is no longer the pattern of a competitive athlete. He is always under control, and therefore we have the possibility to adjust his meals and food choices to the fullest. He never gives up pizza” Rossini “(a typical dish from Pesaro) and when we are in his hometown, it is also necessary for me to eat it from Pizzagna, because I always eat it from the camp ground.”.

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