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Swelling and pain in the eye: what is a chalazion, how to distinguish it from a sty, and how to behave

Swelling and pain in the eye: what is a chalazion, how to distinguish it from a sty, and how to behave

If you have noticed a slight swelling in the eye, it could be chalazion: how to distinguish it from the “classic” design and how to act in these cases.

A chalazion is a blocked sebaceous gland that appears on the inside of the eyelid, and it usually appears as a bump. differs from the design, A small bump that looks like a pimple Which appears on the upper or lower eyelid due to blockage of the gland, as it is usually near the eyelashes and forms outside the eyelid.

eyelid glands; known as meibomian glands, They usually produce an oily substance that contributes to the formation of natural tears in our eyes. If these glands become blocked, they may develop into a chalazion or a boil.

What is a chalazion: causes and symptoms

A chalazion is a large, noninfectious cyst on the eyelid that often takes several weeks to appear. It could be caused by inflammation Meibomian glands Or it could start as a shell.

This is likely because anatomically the upper eyelids contain a greater number of glands (about 50 as opposed to only 25 glands in the lower eyelid). the symptoms They can include it Ptosis (ptosis), redness and swelling of the eyelids in rare cases.

Which remedy to choose for chalazion – tantasalute.it

Some individuals are more likely to develop it elm or purdah respecting others. Common risk factors includes Rosacea, chronic blepharitis, poor eyelid hygiene, and meibomian gland dysfunction.

before treatment It can begin, doctors will need to confirm that the lesion is indeed a chalazion and not another type of skin lesion. In general, several treatments are available.

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A common home remedy is to apply a warm compress on the affected area, several times a day. This method can help loosen the secretions from the thickened sebaceous glands and can clean the affected area, allowing it to function normally again. You can also describe a antibiotic To fight the main infection.

Often, these are treatment methods Allow the eyelid to heal No further treatments will be required. If the patient has a recurrent chalazion or stye, a prolonged course of low-dose antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce chronic inflammation of the eyelids.

If the chalazion has not diminished or if it continues to grow after a few weeks, the following options may be:

  • steroid injection Reduce inflammation and lead to possible retraction. depending on the size and location of the lesion;
  • Make an incision and drain. If the affected area of ​​the eye It mainly consists of a liquidThe bump can be pierced and then removed by pressing on the surrounding area. If the affected area is more firm, an eyelid incision will be needed and fatty debris can be removed through a small incision. The surgery usually requires an incision under the eyelid.

the recovery time than chalazion surgery is quick for most people. Some patients report mild discomfort or pain around the eyelid margin after the procedure, but this is usually easily resolved with medication.

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