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Suris Cash Back Village: An Initiative to Promote Tourism

Sauris borgo del Cashback

There is an ancient village located among the Carnic Alps, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where cashback is the new tourist flywheel. We’re talking about sours, home of raw pork and a nice place for lovers of relaxing vacations and nature that is bursting and pleasing to the eyes. Here, in the wild and unpolluted mountainous area Friuli Venezia GiuliaThe Borghi del Cashback project, myWorld’s initiative that has encouraged the creation of a network of companies engaged in the promotion and development of tourism in the region, was launched.

Soris: a unique destination for tourists

Shops, rental activities, guided tours and accommodation facilities will be established to provide the tourist with a series of useful proposals in terms of money back. A way to attract new customers and visitors, but also to allow tourists to choose the destination of Sauris to spend their holidays in safety and enjoy a range of services, while saving money. The project Cashback villagesIn fact, it consists of a loyalty program for partner companies and advantages in terms of cashback (money back) and shopping points (points are used to access special offers) for consumers. “At Sauris we have found interested and engaged interlocutors who are ready to collaborate to create a network of local businesses – says Edoardo Moretti, regional director for Italy and France at myWorld -. The Borghi del Cashback project starts from here with the aim of expanding its borders, including all Italian regions and creating networks of local companies that collaborate and become more attractive to customers, strengthening themselves and promoting the territory and the local economy in a cooperative and synergistic perspective“.

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What to do and what to see in Sauris

a Souris, the protagonist is nature. Walking its narrow streets is wonderful: it seems that he slipped back in time during his stay Stavoli traditional Stone and wooden houses, now converted into a widespread hotel (one of the first to be born in Italy, Ed) built using the traditional blockbau technique, based on the use of full tree trunks intertwined at the corners to give rigidity to the structure. In this corner of Carnia, of rare beauty, you can take a trip to Lake SourisPractice canoeing and canoeing, or grind miles with eyes wide open on trails implaterben shelter, From olby mountain, or from Stabile Hinterdolp.

Taste notes at Sauris

The Karnik Alpine pearl is famous not only for the enchanting landscapes that it offers, but also for two typical products that are absolutely distinguished: Pork Souris Made with the ancient technique of sweet smoking in large stoves, executed exclusively with beech wood extract in the famous Wolf ham factory since 1862, and flower beer craft beer, In a historic brewery that you can participate in with a guided tour.

The pearl of Sauris in the Karnik Mountains

The pearl of Sauris in the Karnik Mountains

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