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Supergirl 6×05 Night Prom: la recensione | TV

  Supergirl 6x05 Night Prom: la recensione |  TV
Supergirl 6 × 05 “prom party”: la recensione

One of the most surprising aspects of Episode 6 × 05 is Super girl Is that the story devoted to the journey through time made by Brianne and Nia is divided into two parts, with the following episode titled Prom again!, Is on air next week.
But if you look closely at the structure of this season and the indisputable difficulties the authors face between the pandemic and the protagonist’s lack of availability, it is easy to understand why it was decided to bring back the same actors who actually played. , With undisputed success, a younger version of some of the series’ heroes.

The sixth episode of the third season entitled Medval, He was the first to enter Isabella Fedovich e Olivia Nikkanen As Cara and Alex, but if this episode mostly served to give viewers a dramatic backdrop for these characters, Prom night The primary purpose is to bring out the emotional state of Brainy and Nia and help them confront the challenges they both face, all with a certain irony, which is perfectly embodied through Jesse Rath e Nicole Menes, Which is the stereotype of a somewhat obsessed and confused student who may, in the past, have entered the circle of friends of the Danvers sisters by way of rapprochement.

After a series of dark and intense episodes Prom night Above all, it’s the perfect way to remember that this series was born primarily with light entertainment and learns to do it at its best with clumsy and slightly hilarious bets like this one, which represent the right balance between fun and character development.

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If we add to this a brilliant presence Eliza is a dream As a young Cat Grant, who manages to perfectly track movements and postures Calista FlockhartEntertainment guaranteed. In a clear and visible change of direction justified by the post-crisis event, the authors also put the character Kenny (Peter Sudarsow), Who investigated the murders of Kara and Alex Medval, To make it surprising to return as the first friend of Kara, who decided to share the secret of her ancestry with him.

In addition to facing Nia’s torment for not being able to interpret her dreams, denying her mother’s guidance, returning to a time when the temptation to call and meet her became nearly painful and Briani’s challenge to face life without her. Episode 6 x 05 of Supergirl also returns to its roots in the complex relationship between the Danvers sisters, as young Alex continues to be torn between the desire to live her life and the realization of her dreams and, instead, the need to revolutionize every choice of protection. A seemingly ungrateful sister, who acts without protecting her identity and her secret.

Without investigating much of the consequences of this time travel, with all the paradoxes that inevitably carry such an initiative, Prom night Probably the most successful episode of Supergirl’s sixth and final season, which can also be interpreted as a wake-up call, considering it does not include nearly any of the show’s current protagonists.

The Sixth season of Supergirl It airs every Tuesday on The CW, while it is still not featured in Italy.

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