Superbonus: Giorgetti’s “110% season is never coming back”

    Superbonus: Giorgetti’s “110% season is never coming back”

    110% bonus season will never returnWith this sentence, the government Close the Superbonus doorwhich is one of the most important measures in recent years for the construction sector.

    The Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, said no to important changes to Superbonus, which weighed “120 billion debts“.

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    Furthermore, the owner of the MEF does not agree with the proposal by Abi and Ance to allow banks to offset the Superbonus tax credits they buy with their customers’ F24s, instead of offsetting them with their own F24s. “Let’s stay calmhe announced.

    However, the government allows parliamentary committees to make improvements, but the guidelines are clear. Exceptions can come to the so-called “Interventions in the Free Building SystemLike the purchase of windows, boilers and photovoltaic systems, even if they are not yet completed, but binding supply orders have been issued for them on the date of the decree.

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    Furthermore, there may be exceptions to protect Sismabonus or works implemented by Iacp and Onlus. There may also be some rules of an explanatory nature to remove doubts, but not those claimed by banks and developers.

    Despite the government’s decision to close the door on Superbonus in its current form, there could be interesting developments. Parliamentary committees can propose new changes, but clear stakes will be required.

    On the other hand, tax reform on the starting platform for the government. The delegation was approved in the cabinet, even if skirmishes occurred between the government and the union. prime minister Georgia Meloni declare that the aim of tax reform is to reduce the tax burden for all taxpayers, provided that “The more employees you have, the less taxes you will have to pay“.

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    The tax reform provides not only for the simplification of the Irpef (three rates instead of four), but also for the extension of Increasing flat tax and theZero VAT on some basic necessities. Moreover, the reform defines the framework for amending and mitigating penalties.

    For administrative penalties, the goal is “Improve the proportion, reduce its load, and bring it back to the standards of other European countriesWhereas for the criminal part of the scheme,Review personal files related to the actual existence of the subject, in the event that it is impossible to make tax payments, and do not rely on the facts attributed to the subject himself“.

    In conclusion, according to Minister Giorgetti’s words, the Superbonus will never return to its present form, but some dispensations may come for certain interventions of building and Sismabonus.

    Tax reform is an important step for the government, with the aim of reducing the tax burden on all taxpayers and easing penalties. While parliamentary committees can propose new changes, it will be necessary to set clear stakes.

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