Superbonus 110, controls: immediate preventive controls, financial controls in 5 years

    Superbonus 110, controls: immediate preventive controls, financial controls in 5 years

    Fight the crafty Superbonus

    Since the end of April, preventive checks on construction work, already completed or under construction, funded using Tax deductions provided for in property renewal bonuses, and in particular, Superbonusas we all now know, allows you to renovate a building and, if you comply with the requirements established by law, support in the form of a tax credit or a deduction on the invoice for the entire amount of expenses incurred, plus an additional 10%.

    A necessary decision, is the decision of the controls, because if, on the one hand, construction bonuses prove to be an effective tool to re-launch the construction sector, especially those affected by the epidemic, and to stimulate energy savings, on the other hand, bonuses and discounts on bills have generated a large number of frauds, those that Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Economy Minister Daniele Franco considered it “among the greatest that this republic has ever seen.” (On December 31, 2021, non-existent tax credits already affected 4.4 billion euros). For this reason, the state decided to respond, and by decree of April 15, 2022, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy set up a monitoring committee for the construction sector: in practice, it is a system for checking how it works. Work and expenses were managed and, therefore, in case of any frauds, determining who benefited from the bonuses in an unnecessarily manner. The commission began monitoring construction work as of November 1, 2021.

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