Super cashback, 1500 euros on the way

    Pagamenti super cashback

    Good news coming for 100,000 taxpayers who will see 1,500 euros added to their checking account, without having to place any applications. This is what happens.

    Super cash back payments
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    December has arrived, bringing with it the last month of the year holidays loved by young and old alike. Just as Christmas approaches, there is so much to do the shopping Goods and services of various kinds, to be donated to friends and relatives. To this end, of course, you have to get rid of a file Money Precisely for this reason, the news about 100,000 taxpayers could not go unnoticed.

    They do, in fact, arrive directly on their checking accounts well 1,500 EUR. If all this is not enough, the parties involved will not have to submit any applications, as is the case for accreditation automatic. In fact, the respective payments are made directly by the Ministry of Finance to the current account of the payable parties. But for what reason? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

    Money, €1,500 reached the checking account of 100,000 taxpayers thanks to the Super Cashback

    As mentioned, payments are on the way from 1,500 EUR Directly to the current account of 100 thousand euros from taxpayers who, for this purpose, will not have to submit any applications. But for what reason? Well, you need to know that this is the compensation of the program Super cash back.

    In this regard, we remind you that the previous executive guide county I decided to start the program CashbackWith the aim of encouraging the use of various electronic payment methods to combat tax evasion. That’s why it was decided to guarantee a 10% refund max 150€, for transactions executed during the reference semester.

    But not only that, the program was of particular interest Super cash backWith a prize worth 1500 EUR, intended for the first 100,000 users who registered the largest number of transactions. Thus, the last amount will be added precisely to the long-awaited super cashback compensation these days.

    Say goodbye to cashback, won’t come back in 2022

    dwelling on CashbackWe remind you that June 30, 2021 was the last day of this programme. In fact, the Draghi government decided to freeze this initiative, which was therefore not confirmed for the second half of the year.

    But not only that, contrary to expectations, it was then definitively related with the Budget maneuver 2022. Thus, the initiative, which attracted the interest of 8.9 million Italians until June and has already been suspended, will not return in 2022.

    So, for now, I still only have to pay my money Super Cashback Refunds. The latter, as already mentioned, is intended for the first 100 thousand participants in the program who, from January 1 to June 30, 2021, have made the largest number of transfers.

    Super Cashback, Payments On The Way: Everything You Need To Know

    As already mentioned, the government has categorically decided to say goodbye to cashback, and therefore will not return with the start of the new year. often a topic controversyOne of the incentives that attracted the most attention was the Super Cashback.

    The latter, in fact, prompted a lot of people to do it Use tricks Of various kinds just to climb the rankings. Trick Splitting a single purchase into many small batches. A situation that has certainly not gone unnoticed, and it could have repercussions.

    In fact, a review can be made for those who carried out micro-transactions to increase the number of receipts and thus rise in the ranking. This could be one of the reasons why payments are late compared to what was expected.

    In fact, automatic payment should be made by November 30, as stipulated in Decree-Law No. n. 99 approved by the Cabinet on June 30, 2021. However, payments can be postponed for 10 days in relation to the specified date, but in any case no later than mid-December.

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    Good news, then, for the 100,000 taxpayers, who will be able to take advantage of additional income directly on their account, Without the need to submit any requests.

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