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Summer is with us, the entertainment begins at the Ambrosini Center: but you will not be able to dance

Summer is with us, the entertainment begins at the Ambrosini Center: but you will not be able to dance

Our summer event kicked off yesterday, Thursday, July 22nd. The events will hold those in town until September 5th.

Fun yes, dance no

Covid has also affected the enjoyment of the elderly. In fact, Thursday began as Christmas “Summer with us 2021” in Centro Ambrosini at Via Solferino 38, which will continue between music, information moments and performances until September 5. An event that was appreciated by many but was punished this year by the absence of dancing. Due to health restrictions, in fact, participants will not be able to throw themselves into the whirlwind of dances, a fact that does not satisfy many participants and the organizers themselves.

“I’m sorry too – the mayor commented
Dario Levi It passed on Thursday to greet – but unfortunately we can’t do otherwise…”.

At the beginning of the summer event, the Social Services Counselor also attended Desiree Merlini.

“This year before we decided to do something we had to wait until we were in the white zone – he commented – I’m sorry they can’t dance because I know it’s something they care about so much and then music and dance is my therapy.. Wait for CTS instructions and hope to come back to allow dancing.”

Thursday also saw a taste of the participation of the historical troupe that performs costume dances in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and has an interesting project to propose after the summer holidays. “Summer with Us” meetings are held on Thursday afternoons from 3.30 pm until 6.30 pm and on Sunday evenings from 8 pm until 11 pm. Silvana is one of the people I regret most about not being able to dance.

“I miss her so much, it is difficult to be here listening to music and not be able to dance”;

Even the organizers of the Auser Center in San Rocco Mariocchia and Concetta understand the frustration of the elderly.

“The initiatives and the show you love – take note – but with dancing you can always attract more people.”

Those who took the satisfaction from dancing were instead Salvatore logo De Lissone who played a character in fashion soccer.

«It was beautiful – he commented – after all, dancing is my hobby».

Appointments until September 5th

The appointments will continue on Sunday 25 with Solemar, Sander and Mozarello. Thursday 29 with Setimo and numbers in period uniforms; Sunday 1 August with Settimo, Thursday 5th with Luigi, Sunday 8 with Settimo; Thursday 12 with Luigi and Vitamin C; Sunday 15 with Solmar; Thursday 19 with Adriano; Sunday 22 with Solymar and Andrea Terelli; Thursday 26 with Adriano; Sunday 29 with Luigi and Magico Kami; Thursday 2 September with Adriano and the magician Tittix and Sunday 5 September with Solemar, Scartapenna and Fantastico Sam.

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