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Summer 2021, how do we go on vacation? All the rules that must be followed


While waiting for the good weather, the Italians are preparing for it Holidays. But what will summer 2021 be like? The government is intensifying the vaccination campaign and is also considering centers in tourist resorts in order to continue implementing it. During the weekend, the swimming pools and showers were reopened, albeit in compliance with anti-government regulationsCoronavirus diseaseAnd arrivals from abroad will not have to undergo quarantine, although antigenic or molecular swabs will be necessary within 48 hours before the flight. Let’s see together the rules for beaches, hotels, discos, and travel between them Regions.

Summer 2021, how do we go on vacation? All the rules

Nine million Italians are already ready to leave – at least according to Swg and the Confturismo Confcommercio – and they’ve decided when and where to go. There are still 16 million others among those who, perhaps, will have to give in and those who, instead, take time waiting to understand how the virus will evolve. 80% of citizens will stay in Italy, preferring coastal destinations, such as Puglia and Sardinia, but also Tuscany. While among the candidates abroad, Spain always leads the way, followed by Greece and France.

Transfers between regions

According to the rules in force at this time The Italians They can safely book holidays in all regions, as there are no restrictions on travel along the peninsula. It will be possible to reach the second homes, with the only color strip limit assigned to the area, according to the infection index.

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For example, to be able to move from one Yellow area Toward orange, it will be necessary to obtain the National Green Corridor, which consists of a triple certification: three surrogate documents confirming the swab negative (carried out in the previous 48 hours), and the completion of the Covid-19 vaccination or recovery course. For now, the pass is only for those who intend to relocate to other areas, even if you are considering adopting it to participate in concerts, to enter the stadium, or to follow public events.


Meanwhile, a dress rehearsal has been proposed Dance clubTo recreate the nightlife. The deadline is June 5, with the opening for 2,000 people. As has already happened, in recent days abroad, in Israel, the United Kingdom and Spain, the experiment will take place in two different buildings, one in Gallipoli, Outdoors, and one a Milan, Inside. The venues chosen for this first night of fun are the Praja Club in Salento, which hosts around 2,000 people on the Galileo Galilei waterfront, and in the Lombard capital, Fabrique, which can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Night people will be able to enter only by showing the green corridor, and a stopper is provided at the exit. A health protocol is being prepared that will be submitted to the Scientific Technical Committee for initial evaluation. Nightclub guidelines state mandatory use of a mask, while it will not be necessary to respect social distancing. Entrances to the Covid free buildings, after the curfew is suspended, will be controlled by purchasing tickets in a way that allows customers to be tracked. Only disposable items can be used at the counter, and spaces must be sanitized daily.

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Even the bathing establishments, which reopened in mid-May, have specific rules that must be followed: reservations are not mandatory but recommended, and therefore are required by many beaches. It is clear that the protocol that allows everyone to stay safe must be respected. Each canopy should have ten square meters, and there should be a person in charge of monitoring the free beaches. Team sports are always prohibited, and individual sports such as rackets are permitted.

Reservations and refunds

However, regarding reservations and any refunds, carriers, hoteliers or tour operators are not usually required to reimburse them in the event of a positive traveler. The same applies even if the tourist decides not to leave, because he does not feel safe and not because of the ban imposed by the authorities. Of course, the situation changes if the property withdraws from the obligation: the traveler will be entitled to a refund, voucher or replacement package. In any case, it is possible to obtain specific insurance. Those preparing to travel should know that although it is not mandatory in Italy to present a negative result of a swab to access facilities, many hotels, by choice, have decided to give guests free swabs when they appear for a check-in. An additional service to encourage the desire for vacations and facilitate the tourists.


The situation changes if you choose a cruise. In this case, a swab will be mandatory and must be done before boarding the plane. However, some companies may decide to make passengers take another trip mid-flight, to provide greater safety for everyone.

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Holidays abroad

The government’s goal is to return foreign tourists, who are a major component of the GDP, to Italy. That is why it was decided to lift the quarantine for those coming from Israel, the United Kingdom and Spain. However, it is also true that there is no single protocol for the countries of the European Union. And so, while Italy has canceled isolation for 14 days after entry, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands have not – at least for now – with the expected days being 10 days. Even in Great Britain, isolation is 10 days (5) with a negative test done after arrival). On the other hand, Italians in the USA, China, Canada and Australia are not allowed in (for tourism). Borders have been opened in Spain and Greece, the streak is enough and there is no quarantine.

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