Success for Apericena Charity organized by Lions and Apar

    Success for Apericena Charity organized by Lions and Apar

    Great success, in terms of participation, for the charity Apericena organized by the Lions Club Reggio Calabria Rhegion, the Lions Club International District 108Ya and Apar, the regional association of artisan pastry chefs in Reggini. The opening ceremony, led by master of ceremonies Massimo Serrano and punctuated notes from “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the anthem of the United States of America, Beethoven’s anthem of the European Union, and the anthem of “Fratelli D”. The Italian national anthem “Italy” was marked by speeches by Presidents Seppino Bellini (President of the Lions Club of Reggio Calabria), Antonello Fragomeni (President of Abar), Armando Alessi (President of the 25th District), Giuseppe Strangio (President of the 27th District) and Giuseppe Ventra (President of the 11th District). ), unanimously affirming the commitment of all parties involved to achieve the goal of the evening, which is to provide tangible support for “S. Domenico Onlus”, donating the proceeds of the event. There was no shortage of moments of entertainment, thanks to the collaboration with the volunteer association Incontriamoci Semper, chaired by Pino Strati, moderated by the famous presenter of Reggio Marco Mauro and the musical interludes by professors Aurelio Mandica and Adolfo Zagari. Elegance and elegance merged during the show of jewelry, sponsored by Bellini jewelry store, and clothing, sponsored by Foti La Biellese Boutique: a classy moment that dazzled the audience. The evening ended on a sweet note with the rich buffet, presented by the pastry chefs of Apar, and with the extraction of chocolate eggs, born of the collaboration between the Fragomeni pastry shop and Maestro Michele, and made in a limited edition for Easter 2023.

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