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Streamer attacked by a group of drunks during IRL – Nerd4.life

Streamer attacked by a group of drunks during IRL - Nerd4.life

if the launderer Twitch It was the Polish mlodyo attack by a group of drunks during live irl (in the real life). We were walking the streets of Warsaw at night when the crime happened. The reason for the attack was the fact that he was living with his phone. Fortunately, he managed to escape from his attackers and did not suffer any damage whatsoever.

I live stream IRL It has always been among Twitch’s most problematic issues, due to its nature. Wandering around cities or public places can always hold some surprises, also because it is not possible to control everything that happens, knowing a Japanese streamer who is expelled from a place that does not tolerate foreigners very well.

After the clip appeared with the attack on mlodyo, Dexerto contacted him to get his copy of the facts:I was in a place in Warsaw where everyone got drunk. They (the attackers) were fighting and I was ten meters away. They got mad at my phone and that I was recording.

Mlodio tried to explain to the three that he was the only one seen in the live broadcast and that they weren’t even recorded, but they attacked him anyway. A girl from the group tried to rescue him, but the three armed with pepper spray bounced on his heels and managed to push him a few shoves and sprayed his leg with the spray. Fortunately, there were no more significant damages and ours got away with a few.

Watch the assault clip andate su Twitch.

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