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Stopped in Aversa for 3 years

Stopped in Aversa for 3 years

Today in Aversa (Raw 14.15) 3.40pm female GP Gaetano Stabile (Race 4ª, Group 3, € 40,040, 2,060m): 1 Credit Cash As (A. Gocciadoro), 2 Candy Oro Fas (R. Gallucci), 3 Collier (M. Minopoli), 4 Cherie Grif (G. Riccio)), 5 Chanel Leone (G. Di Nardo), 6 Cher Ek (A. Farolfi), 7 Chiara degli Ulivi (U. Di Vincenzo), 8 Cherie Vit (VP Dell’Annunziata), 9 Clelia d’Arc ( A. de Nardo), 10 Camellia Gate (F. Longo), 11 Chimera Jet (M. Smorgon). Favorites: Clelia d’Arc, Cher Ek, ​​and Cherie Vit. 4.40 PM GP Gaetano Stabile male (6th race, Group 3, € 40,040, € 2,060): 1 Colossus (S. Di Vincenzo), 2 Costantin Ferm (G. D’Alessandro jr), 3 Coco Jumbo Adv (M. Minopoli), 4 Cartoon Jet (Di Lorenzo), 5 Caravaggio Grieve (A. Esposito), 6 Coffe del Ronco (J. De Nardo), 7 Capriccio Damor (AD Nardo), 8 Chronos Lux (F. Delissandro Jr.), 9 Chrono Ek (A. Gocciadoro), 10 Chanteclair Jet (V. Gallo). Favorites: Chrono Ek, Capriccio d’Amore, and Coco Jumbo Adv. TV: UnireSat Live Streaming.

in the picture Cher Ek e Chrono Ek a Milano

Today 6.30 pm TQQ in Florence (8th race, 1500 pg) Grand Prix: Quinte 16,367.08 euros. Favorite: 8-9-1-5-11. Surprises: 3-10-7. The conference starts at 2.20 pm. He also ran to Rome (t, 13.15), Syracuse (g, 13.45), Milan (g, 13.55), Treviso (t, 14.10). TV: UnireSat Live.

yesterday – TQQ in Modena: Tris 14-6-12, € 262.47 for 28 winners; Quarté 14-6-12-7, 2,516.69 euros for one winner; Quinte 14-6-12-7-1, Nevada

France In yesterday’s race, Gabriel Gilormini (26 in 2021) won with Vaseline Dorgeres in the “D-Round” in Vincennes. In the race instead at Fontainebleau, Christian Demoreau (30) was victorious, with Serpent’s Tooth at the firstborn, and even the trio in Salon de Provence of Italian Knights with Antonio Orani (15), with Big Tamaya in conditioning, Rosario Mangione (6), With Mendros claims, and Jessica Marciales (10), with Damanda’s Delight.

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Gallup yesterday in Fontainebleau: Claim (24,000 euros, 1000 million) 3. Blue Dream (bought again for 40,111 euros); Disability (23,000 €, 1,400m2) 2. Quiet Jungle. Today I jog in Vincennes: Cycle A (80,000 €, 2,700m) Violet Jet; Course C (58,000 €, 2,100 m) Zerozerosette Gar; Session A (53,000 €, 2,850m) Brillant Ferm, Barolo Rock, Bolero Gar. Today I jog in Marseille: Session F (23,000 euros, 2,650-2675m) Uma Dusty; Session F (23,000 euros, 2,650-2675 m) Zacchio del Ronco, Zigolo Roc, Oragano del Pino. Jogging today in Nantes: A / C (22,000 €, 2,400m) nautical blue; Maiden (19,000 euros, 2,400 m) Ivan Elzar. Gallup today in Bordeaux: Handicap games room (16,000 euros, 1,200 million).

France / 2 – 3-year-old Omnia Munda Mundis, from San Paolo Agri Stud, winner of youth debut and second seasonal comeback in the conditional “Class 2”, among the newcomers in Prix Vanteaux (Group 3, 80,000 euros, m. 1800) Tomorrow at Longchamp.

Sweden / 1 – Ieri a Kalmar una vittora da driver per Christian Cracchiolo (5 nel 2021), con Artemide Zack. Ieri trotto a Kalmar: (66,500 s, 1640 m) 7. Coco Chanel 14.8; Stone Advantage (66,500 seconds, 2140m) 10. Bakani 17.2; Advantage Ston (66,500 seconds, 1640 m) 8. Amazon Font 16.5, 10. Bramante Ors 19.4. Oggi trotto a Jagersro: Benjamin Evo (84.800 seconds, 2140) Beckham; STL Class II, Attempt 4 (250,000sec, m. 1640) Dark Angel Avenue; Silver Section STL, Trial 3 (278,500 sec, 2,640m) Zio Tom Jet; LC Peterson Broddas Minne, Qualified Paralympiatravet (329,000 s, 2140m) Giveitgasandgo.

Sweden / 2 Another Italian purchase in Sweden: He’s 9-year-old Melby Drake, a castrated of Viking Kronos. In his career he has always been coached by Robert Berg: he set a record of 1.10.4 in the short term, 1.11.6 on average and 1.13.5 in the long term, and boasts 17 victories including the final of the bronze division in a year. 2017 and one obtained on the debut of the French stand out. Class D at the end of 2018 in Vincennes. Mellby Drake started the day at Jagersro, but will be drawn to join the team soon by Squeglia.

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England / 1 – Oggi galoppo a Wolverhampton: The Apprentice (5.509 lst, m. 2400 aw) Divine Magic.

England / 2 – 40 regular players today in Aintree in the Grand National (group 3, 738.750 lst, 7100 m steeple): favorite cloth on 5/1, Rachel Blackmore with the Minella Times will attempt to become the first jockey player to win an uphill hurdle, Sir Alex Ferguson tries Breakout hit with Give Me A Copper that is offered at 1/40.

The United Arab Emirates Yesterday in Al Ain concluded a big victory for Antonio Friso, who scored with Mothadi in the first match. Next, the Knight of Sardinia leaves the Emirates with 32 victories (second in the ranking behind Tadj Auchi with 49) and a “prize money” of 7937,300 dirhams (just less than Louis Saise, Lanfranco Dettori, David Egan, William Buick and Keita Tosaki). His return to Italy is immediate: Tomorrow Friso will be on the saddle straight in Rome, with salaries in all eight races.

Libya – Second place for Presley in Misurata: In the second exit, again in 2000 meters with a sand condition, this time the son of the wrestler was beaten by the former Englishman Guskot However, the placement was a qualification for a Grand Prix scheduled in about forty days.

United States of America Moving to Keeneland for Umberto Rispoli: Yesterday his Igloo was bought in stakes, and today he will ride “Umby” Maxim Rate at Jenny Wiley Stakes (Group 1, $ 300,000, 1700m) and It’s My House on Lexington Street (Group 3) $ 200,000, M. 1700 traps).

Turin – After Bonjovi Mmg retired to pull the hard Nunero 14, in the men’s division of GP City of Turin (Group 2, 88,000 Euro, 2060m) tomorrow in Vinovo, there is also Baby B, who was interrupted by a fever.

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