Stop whining! Now we need to change, this is not the first time this has happened

    L’Italia del pallone ha perso la testa: basta piagnistei! ora serve una svolta, non è la prima volta che succede

    Stop whining. It’s time to turn around and change your mindset. Is Italy football in a psychological drama? Can’t absorb Qatar’s exit from the World Cup?

    The offenders are hunted according to Italian custom. calm. This isn’t the first time this has happened, if anything we hope it will be the last. And then it will be fine to remember some thing.

    1) In twenty years – from the 2006 victory to the 2026 edition – Italy will have played misery in six World Cup matches. They were eliminated twice in the first round, twice and did not qualify. This is enough to understand that our football is sick.

    Wembley? Impromptu magic. The victory only concealed a crisis on all levels. Let’s take the stadiums. Can’t build new ones (few exceptions). Old, anti-historic, anti-economy, ugly, unsafe, not suitable for families.

    But how is this cultural backwardness possible in Italy?

    2) Since June 2, 1962, we have alternated blows and victories. From the World Cup to Chile, in Santiago, Italy lost 2-0 to the host nation and also lost their head, finishing in nine matches. In 1966 in Middlesbrough (UK) we wiped out North Korea with the aim of Park Do-ik that urban legend died as a dentist. He was actually a physical education teacher. But it changes a little.

    Five days later, the Azores were welcomed into Genoa with a throw of rotten eggs and fresh tomatoes. Then the swing began: the 1982 world champions, out of the 1984 Europeans, the 2006 world champions, went out on penalties at the 2008 European Championships.

    At the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, don’t expect the Batatrac: Blues made out of Costa Rica, a team of champions somewhat like Macedonia. in-house coach Prandelli and Chief Abiti; We thought we had hit rock bottom. Not so. Unfortunately.

    3) Worst check out at Meazza in Milan, November 2017. Again a comma, another one a flop. We had to go to Moscow 2018 and Sweden 0-0 (they won the first leg 1-0) they stole our place.

    At home coach Ventura naturally without blame. Then came the resurrection of Wembley, the raging crowd and the double-decker bus. On July 12th, the magical st. A wonderful year. Things from nine months ago. And in nine months we went from heaven to hell. Missing face, photo, FIFA standings (goodbye top 10?). Farewell to sponsors, awards, TV rights and a Made in Italy show. Contracts will be reviewed, Adidas and Ray in the lead. The implications for our economy are a blow to the GDP. Well, it didn’t take long. The important thing now is the response.

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