Stomach ache, stomach acid, and stress cramps: rules and foods to keep gastritis at bay

    Stomach ache, stomach acid, and stress cramps: rules and foods to keep gastritis at bay

    The changes of the season are a stressful transition for our body He finds himself having to reprogram himself to achieve ‘balance’.No new equilibrium. The climate is no longer very clear and very changeable – with the end of October as hot as the first days of September – and the change of time does not make the situation easier. To help our digestive system – the weak point of many people, the one who is often accused of changes – and not to overburden it, it is useful to keep in mindmother of all meditations“The fewer digestive moments a meal requires, the easier it is to digest,” he explains. Francesca BerettaNutritional biologist.
    In concrete terms: in periods of high stress, caused by various factors – a change of habits, a state of anxiety of any kind (family, occupational, economic, health …), psychosomatic drifts from post-epidemic and so on. – he is Strategize to find an ally in nutrition.
    “Before considering what to put on the plate, it is a good idea to understand how many foods to mix,” the expert continues. Which specifies: «No more than two. This is correct. Autumn is the season of the year when underlying discomforts flare up: gastritis is the most common. To reduce the discomfort of the table, it is So it’s a good idea to cook two foods at once. Fresh cod can be with a salad – valerian lends itself beautifully. Then I suggest taking vitamins, minerals and fiber. We will leave the more elaborate foods, if any, to moments of greater relaxation, when the digestive system, less stressed, is better able to assimilate.”

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