Stock markets will soon resume their upward trajectory

    Stock markets will soon resume their upward trajectory
    Stock markets will soon resume their upward trajectory

    Stock markets will soon resume their upward journey

    The most important preparation of the month ended today, and this happened on the day of the witches, or technical deadlines. Europe is at its lowest levels, while Wall Street for a few days formed a pattern that in a historical series led to an upward reversal in 90% of cases. What do you expect from now on? Everyone is looking down, now they are expecting bearish targets, and in some cases in our opinion they are really exaggerated. In fact, we believe that we are still approaching a new positive phase, and the stock markets will soon resume their upward trajectory.

    The strength of the US markets

    On Wall Street the worst may be behind us, The upward divergence that accompanies higher prices increases. Now, by March 21/22 at the latest, We think there will be Compatibility also with European stock markets. In what direction? the odds are high, But as usual, “prices will decide”, and forecasts will correspond to the trend, and not vice versa.

    What will happen next week? Everything will be decided between Monday and Tuesday. And if these days there is a new downward or upward trend.

    levels to be monitored

    We read the following prices at 20:56 on the trading day of March 17:

    DAX futures


    Eurostoxx futures


    Future Ftse Mib




    If it is between Monday and Tuesday Wall Street broke the lows of March 15th on the downside, opening room for aggressive selling through April 6th. Movement is really important, and so the expectations for what’s going to happen next week are really high.

    Stock markets will soon resume their upward trajectory

    However, we do not believe in an annual downward reversal. The bestaccording to historical series calculations and probabilities, It hasn’t come yet. The annual cap should be formed between the end of November and the first ten days of December. We’ll see what happens.

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