Stock Exchange: More than $471 billion in coupons worldwide through June – Economy

    Covid: deride lockdown, opinionista Gb espulsa da Australia - Oceania

    (ANSA) – MILAN, Aug 23 – Between April and June, profits of listed companies were $471.7 billion (€402.07 billion), up 26.3% from 2020, and only 6.8% less than in 2019, the last year before Covid-19. An epidemic .. This is what Janus Henderson, the fund manager, told the French business newspaper La Tribune. According to the director, “the recovery in global dividends occurred particularly in the second quarter of the year” compared to a 20% decline in the same period in 2020. For the full year 2021, Henderson’s estimate is up from 1,360 (1,159,24) billion euros) to $1,390 billion (1,184.21 billion euros), which is “only 3% less than the pre-pandemic peak” and 10.7% more than in 2020. Lion made Europe, with profits up 66.4% . It is followed by the United Kingdom (+60.9%), while Japan (+0.4%) and North America (+5%) remain at stake. (Dealing).

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