Sterling and Trippier applauded, the touching gesture that moved England

    Sterling and Trippier applauded, the touching gesture that moved England

    L’England deleted from world Cupbut echo a beautiful gesture from Raheem Sterling And the Kieran Trippier against my father a journalist from be into sportsAnd the Carrie Brown, and both suffer from dementia. Brown told the story herself.

    Journalist: “England is a big family”

    The two English players also spoke to nursing home staff after the 6-2 defeat to the teamIran. The journalist wanted to talk about a poignant moment during the event: “I have a nice personal moment that will really stay with me. I think people ask me about the special relationship this team has and how they are a real family. My parents have dementia and there is only an hour a day that I can call them on Zoom, when they are really quiet.”

    Bellingham has a message for fans: "stay with us"

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    Bellingham sends a message to fans: “Stay with us”

    “I didn’t make it through the first seven days. I decided that after the game against Iran it would be a good moment. My mum doesn’t believe I’m in Qatar, she thinks I’m making it up and I should go see her. So the nurses said, ‘Carrie, you have to talk to her about it.’ Can you show her something to do with Qatar? So I showed her the pitch and the seats in England, but she still wasn’t convinced. So I took it to the player meeting area, and behind me I saw some players in the tunnel. It was dark, but I told her, ‘You can see there are some guys there.'”

    Sterling & Trippier: That’s what happened

    At this point, the British pound reaches: “He came over and looked at my screen to see who it was and said hello, and when he realized it was my mom and dad in a nursing home, he called Trippier and said hello to my dad. My dad was speechless and my mom didn’t know what to think.” Brown adds: “The nurses and doctors who have helped so many people through Covid will never forget the day Raheem and Kiran spent some time in the care home, and it will stay with me longer than any goals in this tournament.”

    Praise came in for the English players, and one fan responded to Brown’s story: “More than a game and more than a team. These guys are a special group and they are role models that inspire.”

    The England team is working against dementia

    The Three Lions are committed to dementia. In January 2021, Technical Commissioner Southgate Take part in a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to look for possible links between calcium and dementia. And he said: “Our participation is absolutely essential if we are to have a greater understanding of this issue. Being over 50, I am eligible to participate in the study that can provide important and valuable information to help people who play now and in the future.”

    World Cup, the 10 players who have shot the most on goal so far

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    World Cup, the 10 players who have shot the most on goal so far

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