SteamWorld Headhunter announced with a trailer, a new third-person adventure –

    SteamWorld Headhunter announced with a trailer, a new third-person adventure -

    SteamWorld Headhunter The popular SteamWorld series brings a new game that is definitely different from other games we’ve seen before: it’s actually a game Action adventures in the character TerzaFocus on the same universe but with distinctly different gameplay, again by Image & Form, appears with the first tractor an offer.

    The game was introduced with the trailer shown above during the Thunderful World event, and it’s still without a specific release date or platforms, but with more information at a later date.

    As can be seen from the promo, it’s a game that features the colorful and cartoonish style typical of the series, which mixes Western elements with steampunk and puts robots at the center of the scene. Moreover, the transition to Three-dimensional, unlike the 2D used so far in the series.

    The trailer now says very little about the game itself, other than a general idea of ​​the style and atmosphere, so we’ll still have to wait before we can tell what’s more accurate. However, there seems to be some insistence on it Cooperative Items From the gameplay, indicating the prevalence of this feature.

    “Taking the series in a whole new direction, SteamWorld Headhunter is a third-person cooperative adventure with remarkable distinction. While retaining the style and charm that helped SteamWorld become such a beloved franchise, this transition to 3D represents an entirely new approach to the series,” Thunderful said with Image & Form.

    From the same event, we also learned the release date of The Gunk, another new production by the same development team.

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