Home Tech Starfield: The skill tree may have been completely rebuilt by fans

Starfield: The skill tree may have been completely rebuilt by fans

Starfield: The skill tree may have been completely rebuilt by fans

In-depth research work by a fan on starfieldwho are celebrating this long wait towards Bethesda’s massive new RPG, in this case with potential Rebuild the entire skill tree is in the game.

It is entirely work based outage and reconstruction, and so it doesn’t pretend to be complete, but it illustrates, if nothing else, the unwavering passion of many fans and also many logical details that make it entirely plausible.

Starfield potential skill tree
Starfield potential skill tree

L’picture It can be seen above, posted on Reddit by user asd8dhd, but by some really cool work.

Starfield and the Skill Tree: 200-hour study

Starfield, photo
Starfield, photo

As reported by the user, it was a detail caused by 200 study hours And the reconstruction, starting from the videos Bethesda has shown so far especially during its extensive deep dives last month but also starting from previously published material put together.

In addition to the official materials, some things have been rebuilt taking as a model the systems that Bethesda previously used for other RPGs, mainly belonging to the Elder Scrolls series but also Fallout. parts extracted from video Obviously they are correct, but many other things are simple user refactorings.

Because of this, it’s hard to take this photo as a spoiler, so you can view it with some peace of mind, even if some parts are likely official. Skills are divided into 4 grades for each of the 5 disciplines.

Names that are confirmed as formal for each skill appear in bold in the reconstruction, while others are derived from the user’s reflections. For another example of the effects Starfield anticipation has on some fans, let’s also recall a 1,000-page synopsis written by a particularly enthusiastic user.

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