Stand-up comedians, who are the contestants, aired March 13


    Comedians stand trial
    Credit: Discovery Italy, from the press office

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    Stand Up Comici in Prova, the new program to air on NINE from tonight on Sunday, March 13, 2022. Here are the comedians and professional comedians.

    On Sunday, March 13, 2022 Stand Up will be broadcast on NOVE! Comedians in the testin a period when programs related to comic improvisation are becoming increasingly popular (see laughing loudly on Prime Video). The program is an adaptation of the Stand Up & Deliver format broadcast in the UK on Channel 4. The date with the first episode tonight at about 21:25 days nine.

    The program is produced by YAM112003 for Discovery Italia and will be broadcast on NINE and is available in preview on Discovery+. The format provides that 5 professional comedians – Francesco Di Carlo, Centella, Giuseppe Giacobazi, Antonio Ornano and Deborah Villa– He will compete in an effort to teach the art of noble comedy to the greatest number of celebrities who do something else in life.

    stand up! Trial Comedians, First Edition Staff

    Among the famous personalities who will compete to learn comedy are the athletes Filippo Magnini, Sarah Simone and Jill Cooper. On the other hand they come from TV Filippo Bisiglia and Stefania Orlandoof culture with Alessandro Secci Pawnee and Giampero Mogini.

    Characters from the web cannot be missing: Awad, Julia Salmi and Tommaso Casisa Which closes the team of ten contestants who will participate in these episodes that air every Sunday.

    Whoa – audition comedians, and here’s how to do it

    The 10 contestants will be trained by 5 professionals to enter the arena and confront the audience with jokes and jokes. During the program they will learn the art of comic entertainment to show their readiness for a date with the audience.

    The five professional comedians will be Teaching Laughter Trade Tricks In Two Weeks; The main theatrical techniques, all those basic tricks for finding the “comic voice” of an individual; You also face small and large field tests. For example, an impromptu performance of bowling fans in front of an audience of over 70 years; A persuasive survey to understand what people really think about them or a brainstorming session to write the piece with a group of kids.

    5 professional comedians

    Romanian comedian and TV presenter Francesco Di CarloAnd the Gianluca Vobelli His name is Scintilla, he is a Romanian comedian and actor. Then the actor and comedian from Romania Giuseppe Giacobazi (Zelige, Summer), Ligurian comedian Antonio Ornano (Zellige, Colorado) and Milanese actress Villa Deborah (Zellig, Camera Cafe, Beijing Express).

    Where are you watching on broadcast and when are they transcribed on TV?

    Stand Up Comici in Prova consists of 4 episodes lasting ninety minutes. The first episode is already available on Discovery + for subscribers. After it airs on NINE, the episode will also be visible Free when you order on the dedicated page you find click here. At the same time, the next episode will be available only to subscribers.

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