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Spotify is now available on the Epic Games Store, and there are more gaming apps to watch

Spotify is now available on the Epic Games Store, and there are more gaming apps to watch

Spotify is now available for free on the Epic Games StoreHuge storefront From It is an electronic game The developer who previously housed only video games. The Music app is a first on the Epic Games Store, but it looks like there may be more non-gaming apps on the way.

Viewing Spotify from the Epic Games Store is very simple. You can now access the store and download the Spotify app to your computer via the Epic Games Store download program. It’s no different than downloading it from Spotify’s website or mobile device, which was previously the easiest way to install the app.

On the face of it, Spotify’s playing Epic games is a bit odd. But a representative from Epic confirmed that neither Epic nor Spotify made any money from this deal, and that Epic would not receive the usual 12% discount on any Spotify Premium subscriptions. Placing Spotify in the Epic Games Store isn’t about money – at least it’s not about instant profit. It’s about building the Epic Games Store into a true app platform, with all kinds of people downloading the Epic ecosystem, keeping them connected to games and apps like Spotify.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because you have something similar in your pocket: the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Users can download all kinds of apps from mobile stores, including media apps like Spotify and games – and both Google and Apple get their share when someone makes a purchase. If Epic wants to create a similar ecosystem – Especially with mobile plans – The studio defended behind him Lawsuit with Apple and Google It can be more than just avoiding taking 30% off Apple.

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With epic 12% off games (Without cutting out on Spotify) The company is positioning itself to be more suitable for potential apps and games than its competitors, undermining the market to encourage developers to flock to the Epic Games Store.

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