Home Economy Spot, the four-legged robot, is the new guardian of the Kia plant

Spot, the four-legged robot, is the new guardian of the Kia plant

Spot, the four-legged robot, is the new guardian of the Kia plant

Hyundai Motor Group I got it at the end of last year Boston Dynamics, cross del Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston specializes in designing and building robots. The company was previously in the hands google browser And in that Softbank.

We’re late Atlas biped robots try their hand at parkour (with me too waterfalls video) and perform complex dances with spot, The Four-legged brother. Many interests focus on the latter model, which he also usesFrench army for some lessons.

Now it becomes a spot A sergeant of a Korean factory affiliated with Hyundai Motor GroupEspecially those that come with Kia-branded cars. In fact, another improved version of Spot has entered service in the testing phase at the factory with monitoring missions.

With Cameras (regular and thermal) and 3D LiDAR, the robotic dog is able to move independently within the plant and immediately report problems, such as bouts of overheating that could lead to fires. In this implementation, Spot can be controlled remotely via a secure web page and provides real-time visualization of inspections, even with photographs and thermal measurements. In case of need, operators can switch to manual control of the robot. In addition, the platform allows you to control multiple plant service safety robots and monitor different areas of the plant at the same time. The group released a video to show Spot at work.

In particular, Spot is used as a support for Late night patrols of the factory, but also as a supervisor to make the workplace safer. The test should then expand the robotic dog’s work area and open it up for use in other establishments in the group.

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