Sports turnover in Italy is the highest in Europe

    Il fatturato dello sport in Italia è il più alto in Europa
    Sports turnover in Italy is the highest in Europe

    L ‘Institute of Sports Credit (ICS) An eloquent report titled “GDP of Sport. The economic dimension of sport in Italy”, in which he analyzed a set of indicators of the size and economic performance of the sector in Italy – as well as the position of our country compared to European countries – in terms of the contribution of sport to national GDP and employment.

    A work that makes it possible to estimate and make available to sports organizations, sports movement, institutions and various operators updated data for our country for 2019, with a comparison compared to 2018. The year 2019 is in fact the most recent year for which data produced by official statistics are available, which is necessary to update and rebuild a completed analytical framework As much as possible. On the other hand, 2019 is an important year, marking the period immediately leading up to the onset of the epidemic.

    With a contribution to the GDP of about 24.5 billion euros and about 420,000 employees, the contribution of sport to the country’s economy in 2019 is significant. In terms of GDP, it represents 1.37 percent of the total. Moreover, the sports activities multiplier is 2.19. In particular, of the total added value, 4.4 billion are generated from sports activities, about 11 billion are from strictly related activities (all industrial products and services needed as inputs to exercise) and another 9.1 billion are from activities related to sports activities in a broad sense (including That is, for example, television broadcasting, tourism services for those who play sports, betting, sports publishing, transportation and medical services used by athletes and spectators, etc.).

    Compare with France, Germany, UK and Spain. In its analysis of the data provided by the ICS report, Italia Oggi calculated that “Looking at last year’s data, Italy has 419,000 active companies in the sports sector, compared to 536,000 in Germany, 656,000 in France and 255,000 in Spain (the figure for the UK from 2018). It has 822,000 companies). Despite this, Italy has fewer companies than three out of four countries, and its effectiveness exceeds those of its competitors. Production, for example, in Italy is 3,561 million euros compared to 2,185 in Germany, and 1,883 in France, 1,179 in the United Kingdom, 812 in Spain.The figure was €1505.7 million, up from 1209 million Germans, 1354.3 million French and 275.6 million Spaniards (for the United Kingdom, the figure is from 712.9 million for 2019).

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