Sports on Netflix? Real potential for the future of the platform


    according to The Wall Street JournalCurrently, Netflix will be looking for ways to expand its business. The company is actively studying the possibility of offering Live sports on its platform.

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    Recently, Netflix has already made a bid for the broadcasting rights of Professional Tennis Association (ATP) Male and some European National Tennis Toursincluding France and the United Kingdom. However, there was no concrete follow-up to these offers. Other offers for a number of other events were also discussed. between these. there Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and rights Cycling in the UK.

    Beyond that, Netflix executives discussed buying Lesser known sports leagues. And yes, if you were expecting to read “The Champions League” coming to Netflix, you’re off track. To avoid significantly increasing costs, in fact, the platform will start with less popular sports. After checking the effect, he will decide what to do.

    Financial data shows that Netflix revenue in the third quarter was $7.926 billion. This is a 5.9% increase year over year. The company also reported a net profit of $1.398 billion, down 3.5% year over year. The global streaming service totaled 223.09 million subscribers in the third quarter. This is a 4.5% increase year over year.

    Despite everything, the company is doing everything it can to keep its subscribers, and if they keep thinking of solutions like a plan with advertising or fighting joint accounts (which for me is the least of the problems), I see it. Difficult.

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