Spain, France and the UK: What’s Happening with the Alternate Delta in Europe

    Spain, France and the UK: What's Happening with the Alternate Delta in Europe

    Concerns are growing in Europe about the increasingly rapid spread of the delta variant increasing infection. Given this situation, some countries decided to tighten preventive measures. Others, to ease restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus, have reassured him with mass vaccination, with fewer patients in intensive care and fewer deaths in late spring. In this case, the decision was well received by companies in the tourism and hospitality sector, which at the beginning of the summer launched a campaign called #OpenUpToEurope, at the same time as the presentation of the Covid certificate on July 1. Spain, after its epidemiological situation improved, eased previous restrictions in the hope of attracting the 17 million tourists that had been expected for months now. Greece, which relies heavily on tourism revenues, at the end of last month lowered the rules on the use of masks, curfews and the number of beach visitors. The UK is preparing to open Freedom Day: Named after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, July 19 is the date when the entire country will open up and restrictions on the number of people who can gather in private homes will be lifted and smart work recommendations will be raised.

    “With the delta variant, we see an increase in infections worldwide, because it is a three times more infectious variant. In France, the situation is currently under control, we have had less than 2,000 new cases per day for weeks and hospitalizations and deaths have been at the lowest level for a year, but if we do not act immediately, there will be an increase in cases and hospitalizations in August.” This was stated by French President Emmanuel “So it will be the summer of vaccinations, as many people as possible everywhere and at all times,” Macron continued, in a speech to the nation that was broadcast live on television. “To protect us, we need to vaccinate all the French and we will start with the health workers who We give them a duty to vaccinate.” According to the latest surveillance data prepared by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, all of Portugal and most of Spain are again red zones. Meanwhile, Cyprus falls into the category of most concern, indicated in dark red. The rest is considered The countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area are largely green, with the exception of some areas of the Netherlands, Ireland and some Greek islands, Norway and Sweden.

    The opinion of the World Health Organization

    The easing of restrictions is among the main factors for the resurgence of the virus. Hans Henry B. KlugeكلAnd the regional director for Europe at the World Health Organization explained, Thursday, that “the number of cases increased last week by 10%, driven by the increase in gatherings, travel and gatherings, and the easing of social restrictions.” Kluge then determined that: “Delta is way ahead of Alpha in terms of transmission speed and it really does translate into an increase in hospitalizations and deaths.”

    Euro2020 Impact

    But there is also Euro2020 among the side effects of the new wave of infections. according to Link From the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), until about July 3 it was discovered 2.500 Cases among fans who attended matches in person. The report reads: “In countries where mass gathering events such as Euro 2020 are taking place, in the absence of adequate containment measures, the risk of local and European transmission of Covid-19, including the spread of worrisome variables, is set to rise.” The World Health Organization’s ruling is stern and described the lack of interest in the risks associated with the spread of the virus during last night’s European Football Championship final in London as “devastating”. To say so, Maria Van Kerkhove, on Twitter. a second Van KerkhoveThe presence of about 60,000 British and Italian fans at Wembley last night caused a significant risk of further spread of Covid, particularly the delta variant. He concluded his speech by saying: “Do I enjoy watching what is broadcast on TV in front of my eyes?”

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