Spain defeated the World Cup in Badil

    Spain defeated the World Cup in Badil

    The Spanish army defeated its Argentine rival 2-0, and also won the World Cup in the men’s category
    Argentina seemed to be the preferred start with a multiplayer selection from the experience of Sanyo and Bella accompanied by a group of very talented young players.
    but, Spain, through its coach Juango Gutierrez, was surprised by the team that put the Argentine pair on probation.

    Gutiérrez in the first match, he decided to play Al Jalan next to Arturo Coelho Confrontation Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia, A newly created couple in the World Padel Tour conquered the last test played, which is Malmo Padel is open.
    didn’t weigh much Galan and Kwelo who took the field ready to face a more cohesive couple. Thus, after the first two matches, the Spanish duo crushed their opponents with five games in a row, winning the first set 6-1. In the second group, the powers between the spouses were equal, and each maintained his own service. So until match 10, when Ale and Arturo made a crucial break that would lead them to win the set and match with a score of 7-5.

    In the second match Argentina presented Fernando Pelastigen and Martin de Nino, A couple who played several matches in the World Cup against Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron, That couple who in 2019 became the best couple on the planet.
    While it was already an incentive to see the Spanish pair compete together again, it was also great to see Paquito in front of his current circuitmate, De Nino.
    The Spaniards started strong with a break in the fourth inning, leading to 3-1.
    With that lead they reached 5-2, at which point they were able to close out the group with a fresh break.
    However, like the winner Taxi And a miracle in this sport is like by Nino They still have a lot to say. They responded in the best possible way, with a break in the opening match of the second set. With this they no longer needed the strength and took the group home with a score of 6-3.
    The third set sees great work by the Argentines and vice versa the Spaniards is a bit boring but in 5-2 for South America the Iberians reacted great and with 5 games in a row they won the group, the match and the world. Spain Cup.
    With this title, Spain was able to establish itself once again in the world championship in the men’s category after winning its last title in Cancun 10 years ago.
    This is Spain’s fourth title against Argentina’s 10.

    Always Spain among women

    As expected, there was a victory for the Spanish battleship thanks to the victories Salazar Triay Against 6-2/6-0 at Campus-Jensen e Josemaria Sanchez For 7-6/2-6/6-4 in Pre-Osoro.
    The third match was not played due to the loss of the pair Ortega-Llaguno with a result already obtained for Spain.
    For the Iberians, this is the fourth consecutive time that the Argentine national team has won the World Cup seven times in a row.

    Fifth place in Italy for men

    For men’s Italy, the fifth place in this world championship is the best place in the history of our national team at the World Championships in Badel.
    Previously the best result was a sixth place in 3 world championships (2002 Ciudad Mexico, 2012 Palma Mallorca in Spain and 2016 in Cascais in Portugal).

    Final results of the Italian Men’s World Cup for fifth place

    Italy – Paraguay 2 – 1

    Cremona Capitani VS Gonzalez-Abboud 6-3 7-6

    Sinicropi-Di Giovanni vs. Adorno Fernandez 4-6 6-2 4-6

    Catania Britos vs Castanera-Benetez 3-6 6-3 6-3

    3rd place in Italy for women

    For the Italian movement, it is a wonderful result that gives us hope for a brighter future.
    We improved the result of the 2018 World Cup in Paraguay with the blue team finishing fourth.
    And the first meeting of the match was without a date with Julia Susarillo and Chiara Papacina, who defeated the French duo Léger Invernon 6-2 / 6-2 in just 49 minutes without any particular problems. Emily Stellato and Valentina Tommasi The toughest couple across the Alps, led by Alex Columbus, number 20 in the world and Charlotte Soprey.
    The French national team won 6-3 double.
    Everything was decided in the third match with the new couple Carolina Orsi and Georgia MarquetteI’m up against Lea Godalier (#38 in the world) and Mai Vu.
    Our team won the first set with a tough fight in the tiebreak 7-6.
    In the second half, the French play better than the Italians and take the group home with a score of 7-5.
    In the last set, the Italians had the best with 6-3 and it’s third!
    Congratulations to all the blues and clubs (4 athletes from Circulo Canotieri Anine and 2 ofOrange Club) who have supported them in their professional growth over the years.

    Women’s World Final Results in Italy 3–4

    Italy-France 2-1
    Papacina Susarillo vs Legy Invernon 6 – 2/6 – 2
    Stellato Tomasi vs Columbus Super 3 – 6/3 – 6
    Orsi-Marchetti vs Godallier-Voi 7-6 / 5-7 / 6-3
    (in cooperation with Mr. Badil Badel)

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