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South Africa, man stabs his girlfriend, cuts her head and “keeps her head in the refrigerator”

South Africa, man stabs his girlfriend, cuts her head and

The story of a Orator Who stabbed his girlfriend to death thenCut off her head“e”Keep the head up RefrigeratorThe news episode took place in Johannesburg in April 2019, but the trial of the self-confessed killer began these days. The suspect is Alhadj Adama Kebe, 33, who arrived in South Africa from Senegal in 2016, while the victim was named Sibongel Zenzel, 29 years old.

to me Reconstruction By the prosecutor, the man allegedly attacked his girlfriend at home because he was enraged with jealousy. Kibi was actually convinced that she was cheating on him and that stabbing her, decapitating her and keeping her head in the fridge was the right thing.punishmentTo the partner. The killing allegedly took place on April 25 two years ago, and after the 29-year-old was killed, the killer went to open his shop, which is located close to the scene of the attack. Kebbi was allegedly arrested in this act the next day. After that, news of the horrific end of the girl upset her family, as her mother, after learning of her daughter’s death, became ill and was taken to hospital for two weeks.

At his trial, Kebe always pleaded guilty to the justices of the Johannesburg High Court, expressing at the same time. ”SorryAbout the brutality inflicted on Sypongel. According to the South African press, the defendants’ lawyers will try, thanks to the latter’s confession, to obtain from the court a reduced sentence against their client. Kebe, accused of murdering and mutilating a corpse, is currently facing a sentenceUpheld judgment.

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However, the attorney general accused the same lawyers recently of having devised another way to mitigate their client’s sentence: presenting evidence to the judge that Kibi was going to kill his girlfriend and cut her head off because ofAttacked“Previously, for its part, the murderer will not be sentenced until next month.

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